Joseph Hone, popular member of the Wroxton College faculty, retires

By Andrew Rose

After nearly 20 years of teaching at Fairleigh Dickinson University’s Wroxton College, in Oxfordshire, England, Professor Joseph Hone has decided to hang up his binoculars and retire.

Hone retires

Popular Wroxton College Professor Joseph Hone, (L) in his office, (R) outside of Wroxton Abbey. (Photos courtesy of Andrew Rose)

Hone taught the CORE 2003 class, Cross-cultural Perspectives, which examined the history, traditions and cultures of China, India and African nations, and ENGW 3002, Creative Writing. He brought a wealth of experience and knowledge to both courses. A veteran travel writer and broadcaster, Hone was well-versed in the customs, traditions and religions of China, India and African nations. He’s also an accomplished author, having written nine novels and several nonfiction books. His autobiography, Wicked Little Joe is a must read for Wroxton alumni wanting to find out which of his tall tales are true or just to see a photo of Hone as a young man auditioning for the role of Tarzan — in costume, of course.

Students who took Professor Hone’s class will remember his sharp mind and even sharper wit. He is a born educator, but also a born entertainer. His classes, always popular, will be hard acts to follow.

There can’t be many teachers who regularly use a pair of binoculars in class, or walk ‘round the halls with a flyswatter in hand. Hone had a collection of catchphrases, with “Quiet in the back row,” being perhaps his most memorable one.

He will be sorely missed by everyone at Wroxton College. Alumni, just imagine being back in his classroom — it’ll bring a smile to your face. Class with Professor Hone was an unforgettable experience.