Five questions with the Metropolitan Campus Pinnacle Award recipient: Katelyn Arathoon

By Kenna Caprio

On and off of the soccer field, Katelyn Arathoon racks up victories. Her latest accomplishment — being selected as the Metropolitan Campus Student Pinnacle Award recipient — is a real source of pride for the honors student. At home in Pickering, Ontario, Canada, she coaches and inspires young female soccer players. Now, Arathoon, who will receive her BS in biology at Commencement 2016, graduating summa cum laude, is ready to inspire her fellow graduates, too.

Katelyn Arathoon PinnacleFDU: What's the best experience you’ve had at FDU?

KA: Last season, women’s soccer won the Northeast Conference Championship tournament. 2015 was the first year women’s soccer went to the NCAA tournament. Over the course of playing here, we had two staffing changes, and so sometimes things seemed rocky, but all the hard work just paid off in that moment — it was extra special.

Katelyn Ararthoon, the Metropolitan Campus Pinnacle Award recipient, will deliver a speech at Commencement 2016.

FDU: Which academic achievement or moment are you most proud of?

KA: I have a 3.97 GPA, and I’ve been really proud of how well I’ve done academically. I was also voted FDU’s Woman of the Year by the New Jersey Association of Intercollegiate Athletics for Women. That was a proud moment because it meant I was excelling in both areas — athletics and academics — that I was focusing on over the four years.

FDU: How has attending FDU impacted your life?

KA: It’s opened up a lot of opportunities for me. I originally didn’t want to leave Canada, but by coming FDU, it’s given me a chance to get to know more people. I’m getting to experience things, socially and academically, that I never would have if I didn’t get that international experience.

My professor, Dr. Nick Agostino (adjunct professor of biology), recommended me to join the University’s Alumni Board of Governors, getting me involved in more aspects on campus. Because I joined all these different clubs and committees, the Student-Athletic Advisory Committee, the Board of Governors and the class gift committee, I got to reach out to more people and get more involved in FDU campus life.

FDU: What’s the most important advice you received during college?

KA: Not to take everything so seriously and to enjoy the experience. I’ve just tried to relax. It’s okay to fail, because it helps you to become something better once you get past the failure. Even if it’s just with simple assignments and homework — next time, you work harder and eventually the grade shows that it paid off.

FDU: What's next for you after graduation?

KA: Medical school. I have to take MCATs still, sometime this year. If not that, then I would probably get my Ph.D. in biology.