The student experience at the ISE Gala

The Institute of Sustainable Enterprise celebrated 10 years at a gala event held at the Westin Governor Morris Hotel in Morristown on April 7, 2016. Here is what the evening was like, from three student viewpoints.

Samm Claire

Upon entering those welcoming doors into the Institute for Sustainable Enterprise's 10th Anniversary Event, I knew I would be in the presence of some of the top sustainability leaders in New Jersey. I spent the last month working with a marketing specialist to advertise the event, but now it was finally here. I was expecting a wonderful evening in celebration of ISE's accomplishments, but the presentation of awards and guest speakers truly exceeded my expectations and impressed me, to say the least. Being a Digital Marketing Intern, I found myself extremely honored to have the chance to network and converse with representatives from PSEISE Gala 3&G, Verizon, and even other ambitious students seeking a similar success as myself. Such a diverse group of people came together to celebrate such a wonderful achievement, and I am proud to say that I was able to be a part of that outstanding night. No matter your professional position, company name, or level of experience, the wonderful idea of a more sustainable New Jersey can truly bring a room together.

From left to right: Samm Claire & Ally Cancino

Ally Cancino

The Institute for Sustainable Enterprise’s 10th Anniversary Celebration was an eye-opening experience, although a bit intimidating at first. Initially, my friend and I thought that the interns would be sitting together, enjoying the dinner together, and walking around to greet people. However, this was not the case as we were all separated and seated with perfect strangers. At first, I was reserved until I realized how nice and sociable everyone was. The ladies and gentlemen seated at the table were more than willing to discuss the reasons why they attended the gala and were also eager to inform me of how sustainability impacted their lives. Unbeknownst to me before the event, being sustainable is a choice every company is able to make if they should choose to do so. The woman sitting to my right told me much about how her business focuses on creating environmentally friendly laundry detergent while the woman to my left described to me how she became a sustainability coach. This especially intrigued me because she had nearly ten years of marketing experience, which is the major I am currently pursuing, and proceeded to explain how she is now able to use those skills and tools from marketing and incorporate them into teaching sustainability. Overall, the event was a very special experience as each and everyone one of the interns, including myself, had the chance to socialize with successful, green individuals who are truly passionate about what they do.


ISE Gala 2

From left to right: Nicole Zara, Kelly Petillion, Miles Rodgers, CJ (Charles) Doyle, Nicole Zolnierczyk.


Sean Mehr

I attended the ISE/CHRMS anniversary celebration dinner on April 7th as a representative of the University Honors Program. Though I had previously been to various networking events sponsored by the Silberman College of Business, this event was nothing short of spectacular in comparison. I was simply amazed by the vast number of people from different backgrounds in attendance. I had the pleasure of meeting an accountant, educator, financial analyst, and sustainability consultant, among others. It was stunning to see all of these professionals devoting their time to the care of our planet. After all, the organization would be meaningless without support from members of local communities. Further, I was greatly impressed by how the Institute for Sustainable Enterprise is regarded by the global community. Having NJ Senator Cory Booker provide kind words through a video message was inspirational on this special day. The acceptance of sustainability awards on the part of dedicated businesses goes to illustrate the close relationship that FDU holds with the larger professional world. I am honored to have taken part in the anniversary celebration, and look forward to an even better future for the organization.