Learning the ins and outs of the New York Stock Exchange — Silberman Finance Club takes on the G.A.M.E. forum

finance club

FDU's Finance Club in Times Square, New York City, N.Y. (from left): Donato Gaudioso, Hamza Munhaf, Joe Onulak, Lindsey Grant, Professor Ken Betz, Maren McEvoy, SCB's Director of Placement and Outreach Mary Sakin, and Serina Grande. (Photos courtesy of Serina Grande and Maren McEvoy)

By Kaidi Ilves

Eight Silberman College of Business students, all members of the Finance Club, recently participated in the Global Asset Management Education (G.A.M.E.) VI Forum, an annual conference in New York City, N.Y. The program, organized by Quinnipiac University, provides students with an opportunity to interact with industry leaders and learn best practices in investment management.

The group of FDU students in attendance included freshmen and sophomores: Donato Gaudioso, Hamza Munhaf, Joe Onulak, David Vance, Brittany-Nicole Calleo, Serina Grande, Linsey Grant and Maren McEvoy. The Finance Club is advised by Ken Betz, SCB's senior lecturer of finance and economics.

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From left: Students Donato Gaudioso, Joe Onulak, Hamza Munhaf, David Vance, Maren McEvoy, Brittni-Nicole Calleo, and Serina Grande with advisor Ken Betz, senior lecturer of economics and finance at Silberman College of Business.

 “This was FDU’s first time attending a G.A.M.E. Forum, and a wonderful opportunity for our students to get a more thorough understanding of the finance world,” says Mary Sakin, director of placement and outreach for Fairleigh Dickinson University’s Silberman College. During the three-day conference, students from 140 universities around the globe had the opportunity to interact with members of the New York Stock Exchange and Federal Reserve System, observe the stock market in action, learn about derivatives, options, and more, and explore career opportunities within the financial services industry.

“The speakers offered a wealth of knowledge about what is happening in the markets today and what we may expect as we approach 2020. It was an excellent learning experience on trading options, portfolio management, and women in finance, ” says McEvoy.

Grande adds, “On the last day of the conference, we took part in breakout sessions, discussed many different aspects of the industry, such as investment banking, wealth management, and so on. I learned so much about the industry!”

As the culmination of the forum, attending universities competed against each other with their stock portfolios. “To be qualified for the competition, the stock portfolios have to be at least a year old and trading would have had to take place for at least a few months. FDU’s portfolio did not yet meet these requirements. Thus, our goal this year was to observe, learn, and come back next year to compete,” says Sakin.

After the forum, the students had an opportunity to network with successful FDU alumni at the Friars Club — a private, members-only club in New York City, famous for its risqué celebrity roasts and dedication to charitable endeavors. “Meeting the alumni was nerve-wracking, but it will definitely benefit all of us in the long run,” says Munhaf. “They were helpful and kind, and told us about so many things, like how important it is to network. I’m looking forward to next year, and am excited to do this all over again!”

friars club

At the Friars Club (from left): Silberman College Dean Andrew Rosman, Serina Grande, Joe Onulak, Lindsey Grant, David Vance, SCB's Director of Placement and Outreach Mary Sakin, Hamza Munhaf, Maren McEvoy, Professor Ken Betz, Brittni-Nicole Calleo and Donato Gaudioso.