Silberman student's mobile app hits 100 downloads

By Kaidi Ilves

Jacqualyn Colasurdo, a senior marketing student at Fairleigh Dickinson University’s Silberman College of Business, has designed an app that recently reached one hundred downloads.jackie

Colasurdo, a Morris Plains, N.J. native, is interning at the Madison Insurance Group (MIG). “I’m really putting my digital marketing education to test here,” says Colasurdo, who was hired as a marketing intern for the company in November of 2014, through Mary Sakin, Silberman College’s director of placement and outreach.

“Among one of my first tasks as an intern was to figure out how to better reach customers. Looking at insurance giants like Geico and Progressive, it’s evident that they are having a lot of success with using mobile apps. I wanted to be able to emulate that,” says Colasurdo.

The process started with researching companies specializing in programming and building custom apps. “We selected RedHead Mobile Apps because they are very reputable, and they are familiar with the needs of insurance companies,” she says.

Working closely with the programmers, Colasurdo oversaw the entire design process, from choosing the color palette to selecting the services the app offers.

“There was a steep learning curve, and I definitely understand a lot more about what goes into building an app for different platforms now,” says Colasurdo. She continues, “It was app migstressful being the communication liaison between the two companies. I needed to be sensitive to the needs of MIG, but simultaneously, I had to understand the constraints that our programmers had. In the end, it all worked out perfect.”

The app is called “Madison Insurance Group” and it is compatible with iPhones, iPads and Androids. App users can upload their policy information, customize handles for different policies, research their claims, use MIG’s referral service, find nearby emergency services, and contact their insurance carrier. The app is not limited to Madison Insurance Company customers — it is open for use with a number of insurance carriers, including NJM Insurance Group, AmTrust, AAA, Hartford, etc.

Colasurdo is an ambassador for Silberman College’s Professional Development Program. She is also the vice president of advertising for FDU’s chapter of the American Marketing Association, and a member of the Commuter Student Association.