Devil’s Turn Up DJs Turn Down a silent disco event on the Florham campus

Interview by Brant Sennett

On Thursday, April 28 at 8 p.m., the Florham Programming Committee (FPC) will host a silent disco party on the Florham Campus, featuring San Francisco-based DJ Earworm.


Silent Disco is an event where people dance and listen to music via wireless headphones. Rather than using a speaker system, music is broadcast via a radio transmitter with the signal being picked up by wireless headphone receivers worn by the participants. DJ Earworm will lead the students in the silent disco event by recreating some of his famous mash-ups called “United State of Pop” which features the top 25 songs of each year according to Billboard’s Year-End Hot 100 chart. FPC has also announced a DJ contest, allowing a student to open up for DJ Earworm. Full information is still yet to be released.

To learn more about the event and what it entails, we sat down with FPC members Kate-Leigh Luminello, Maren McEvoy, and FPC president, Charles Doyle.

FDU: What are you most excited for students to see and experience with this event?

Kate-Leigh Luminello:  I am excited to see other students’ reaction to the concept, as well as the headlining performer. Students deserve a fun event at the end of the year that is fun and they can make memories at. I cannot wait to see the excitement from students counting down to April 28.

FDU: What is something most people don't know about silent disco events? Why bring it to campus?

Charles Doyle: What a lot of students don’t know about silent disco’s is that they are just as engaging as a regular dance party but without a lot of the annoyance of playing loud music out of speakers. The silent disco also allows for students to be in control to what they listen to which normally at other dance parties doesn’t happen.

For instance at most dance parties, there is one DJ with limited music variety or choice, at a silent disco you have a choice of multiple DJ's to listen to and you will never find yourself listening to a song you dislike.

The reason why FPC is bringing this type of event to campus is to raise the bar from last year's very successful concert to provide a different type of event to keep things exciting and keeps students guessing what's to come for next year.

earwormFDU: How many students do you have working on the event? How long have you been planning for this event?

Maren McEvoy: We will be utilizing all 26 of our programmers as well as our open members, it is definitely going to be all hands on deck for this event to be a success. We have been planning it since the fall semester of 2015.

FDU: FPC saw much success last year with the “Rad Day with Radical Something” concert, how different will this event be from a concert?

Kate-Leigh Luminello: This event will be different, because it is more of party then a concert. Students will be having fun while listening to the music through headphones and laughing when they take off there headphones and hear everyone just singing along to nothing. I feel that this will event will bring the FDU community together while listening to songs and mash-ups that everyone knows and loves.

The event is free for all Florham students to attend and will take place Thursday, April 28 at 8pm on the library lawn! For updates, behind the scene photos, and more, follow FPC on their social media accounts!