3-D printing now available at Giovatto Library

3-d printer printing

Frank Giovatto Library's new 3-D printer. (Photos courtesy of Jessie Ribustello)

By Kaidi Ilves

The latest advancement in printing technology, three-dimensional printing, has arrived at Fairleigh Dickinson University — the Frank Giovatto Library at FDU’s Metropolitan Campus recently acquired a 3-D printer that is available to all students, faculty, and staff for both class assignments and personal printing.

“We considered this purchase for a few years,” says Jessie Ribustello, library office assistant and a member of the University’s 3-D printing committee. “3-D printing technology has a tremendous impact on a variety of professional and creative areas and as the campus library, it was our responsibility not only to provide our community with access to the technology, but also find the best printer to fit the University’s needs.”

3-d printer 4

The decision to purchase a Makerbot Z18 came after careful consideration of a variety of models. “We selected the Makerbot Z18 in consultation with Computing Services, after attending a 3-D printing exposition at the Javits Center in April 2015. It is a large printer, capable of printing larger objects than typical tabletop models, and it is very user-friendly,” says Ribustello.

3-d printer 3

In order use the library’s printer, designs must be submitted for approval to a committee. There is a nominal fee to partially cover the cost of the material. Payment by Fairleigh 1-Card is preferred. See the printing policy here. Printed items can be picked up at the library office.

For more information, contact Jessie Ribustello at Ribustel@fdu.edu.