FDU's Mock Trial team victorious in NY Regional Tournament

By Kaidi Ilves

Fairleigh Dickinson University’s Mock Trial team returns triumphant from the New York Regional Tournament, held in Central Islip, N.Y. from February 6-7. Twenty schools participated in this highly competitive tournament, hosted by the Suffolk Academy of Law.

Mock Trial Team

The tournament encompassed a series of simulated trials involving a hypothetical case in which both a gaming commissioner and a casino owner faced criminal charges. Students assumed the roles of both witnesses and attorneys.

The FDU team, comprised of students Cargill Hutt, Jessica Marshall, Marla Buitrago-Rincon, Ibn Alston, Victoria Carvajal, Esme Devenney, Lindsay Wilson, Courteney Chamber and James McAuley, participated in four of the trials, arguing for both defense and prosecution. They were able to secure several victories, including a unanimous, two-ballot win against the United States Military Academy of West Point, N.Y.

Above (from left): Jessica Marshall, Cargill Hutt, Esme Devenney, James McAuley, Lindsay Wilson, Ibn Alston, and Marla Buitrago-Rincon. (Photos courtesy of FDU's Mock Trial team)

Victoria CarvajalFDU’s Mock Trial team, based at the Florham Campus, is in its third year of existence and operates under the direction of Madelyn Ferrans, adjunct professor of political science. Since its inception in February of 2014, the team has garnered numerous victories and awards.

For more information about FDU’s mock trial program, contact professor Ferrans at ferrans@fdu.edu

Right: Victoria Carvajal.