Indie scene: FDU students work on feature film

Film Crew for Stray

FDU camera crew: Roxy Barret, camera operator; Alexandra Price, A camera assistant; David Landau, director of photography; and Daniel Quiyu, B camera assistant; on the last day of shooting independent film “Stray.” (Photo courtesy of David Landau)

FLORHAM (July 1, 2014) — Thirteen Fairleigh Dickinson University film students and graduates recently spent three weeks working on the independent feature film, “Stray,” with Professor David Landau, the director of photography.

The film was written and directed by Nena Eskridge, produced by The Mead Street Group and stars Los Angeles, Calif. actress Gabrielle Stone. The dramatic film raised its $80,000 budget through a Kickstarter campaign and FDU supplied the camera and lighting gear, as well as the majority of the technical crew, who received internship credits.

The film was shot with the University’s new Sony-F3 cameras with Zeiss and Cooke lenses and Tiffen filters, purchased through a New Jersey state educational grant awarded this year. Shot on location, the cast and crew worked on the film 10-14 hours per day, six days a week, for three weeks.

For his previous work on “Stray,” Landau won two Telly Awards.