FDU poll rated among the best in the nation

Rating of 377 polling groups put PublicMind in top ten percent

By Dan Landau
Fairleigh Dickinson University’s PublicMind has been given an “A-” rating in an exhaustive rating of polling groups by ESPN’s prestigious FiveThirtyEight blog. PublicMind outperformed prominent organizations, including Harvard University.  
PublicMind logoFiveThirtyEight rated 337 polling outfits in the United States, giving letter grades (A — F) based on the accuracy and methodology of pre-election polls from 1998 through the present, with greater weight given to more recent polls.
FDU’s PublicMind came in 16th place with an “A-” grade, finishing far ahead of many other university-based pollsters, such as Quinnipiac University (B+, 32nd) and Rutgers University (C+,118th), as well as all three Ivy League schools included in the ratings: Harvard University (C, 243rd), Dartmouth College (C+, 96th), and Brown University (D+, 317th).
“It is great to be recognized among the top 20 academic survey groups in the country. People at FDU have worked so hard in the past 14 years to make the poll reliable, timely, and transparent,” says Peter Woolley, co-founder of PublicMind and provost of FDU’s Florham Campus. “It is a special pleasure for academics to have their work recognized in this public way after toiling quietly in the abstractions of methodology, the jungle of statistics, and the vicissitudes of campaign seasons.”
The full ratings are available here.  
Run by data journalist Nate Silver, FiveThirtyEight provides and analyzes statistical coverage on a variety of topics in current politics and political news. PublicMind is an independent research group at FDU that conducts polls and surveys, and other research on politics, society, popular culture, consumer, and economic trends. For more information about PublicMind, go to publicmind.fdu.edu.