Mascot Mania: What the Devil?


Above: Ian the Devil flaunts his new look. (Photos by Larry Levanti)

Interview by Kenna Caprio and Dan Landau
With an impish grin and blazing red horns, Ian the Devil is not a hard mascot to spot — especially when he’s having a wicked good time spreading school spirit around Fairleigh Dickinson University’s Florham Campus. We got the fiery mascot to take a break from pumping up the Division III fans to (literally) speak of the devil.
FDU: What's the origin or significance of your name?
Ian the Devil: A couple of years ago, Sam Williams, BA’14, and Zane Decker, BA’14, felt that "the Devil" wasn't a suitable identity for me, even though I am a devil! So one day during Orientation, they thought I looked like an “Ian.” Word got around, and everyone on campus seemed to agree and appreciate my name. From then on, I've been known as Ian and I couldn't be happier!
FDU: Just what makes you so devilish?
Ian the Devil: I have to be devilish; it's in my blood!
FDU: How do you maintain your devil-may-care attitude?
Ian the Devil: I do what I want, when I want to do it. I thoroughly enjoy making people laugh and cheer for our community, and when people laugh, I’m happy. Most of all, when I’m happy, they’re happy.
FDU: Are you going to run the mascot race in Madison, N.J. again this year?
Ian the Devil: Absolutely! (Ed. note: See Ian the Devil in action, racing against the mayor of Madison and other local mascots, on Madison’s Bottle Hill Day, Saturday, Sept. 27)
FDU: Will we ever see you in a dunk tank at Homecoming?
Ian the Devil: I'm sorry, but no, that will not be happening anytime soon. If I get dunked, the water will evaporate. That won't be fun for anyone.
FDU: Why should the Florham Campus community come out to watch the Devils play this season?
Ian the Devil: Because I'll be there, obviously! Also, our teams are coming out strong and ready to conquer this year. It's going to be pretty spectacular, you should come watch!
FDU: How do you like to show your school spirit?
Ian the Devil: I am school spirit.
FDU: What’s the best part of being a mascot?
Ian the Devil: I represent an entire community and whenever they see me they automatically think “Florham Campus.” People are always so happy to see me and I love meeting new people! 
FDU: You've had some very different looks over the years. Which was your favorite style?
Ian the Devil: More recently, my favorite “look” would be my Devils Domination shirt paired with my blue gym shorts, topped with cheerleading poms-poms and various FDU gear, worn at the women’s basketball NCAA Division III National Championship in Wisconsin. I thought I looked quite dashing and the photographers seemed to think so as well!