Mascot Mania: Hay there, Knightro!

Interview by Kenna Caprio and Sara Chamberlain

Mascot Knightro uses all of his horsepower to bring school spirit to Fairleigh Dickinson University’s Metropolitan Campus. As another athletics season starts, we’ve managed to snag the Division I blue steed by the fuzzy mane and get a rare glimpse into his equine thoughts!

Knightro fans
Knightro chats with FDU fans at a men's basketball game. (Photo by Larry Levanti)

FDU: What’s it like to be the only horse on campus?

Knightro: FDU is an institution that is very open to diversity, so even as a blue horse, I fit in pretty well!

FDU: What’s the hardest part of having hooves instead of opposable thumbs? Is it hard to Tweet?

Knightro: Never having had thumbs, I don’t know what the hardest part is. But! Without ‘em, I can still high five, hug and tweet! Check me out @TheRealKnightro for some laughs! There isn't anything Knightro can’t do.

FDU: What’s your favorite place to horse around on campus?

Knightro: In Stratis Arena for basketball and University Stadium for soccer games, you’ll see me galloping around. When the game starts, you can find me having a “hay ol' time.”

FDU: Where do you go when you’re not on campus? Any good local barns?

Knightro: When I am not on campus I really enjoy going to the Boys and Girls Club of Lodi/Hackensack. The kids of Bergen County love when FDU student-athletes stop by with their favorite blue horse.

I also like to go shopping at Old-Neigh-vy.

FDU: What is something people do not know about Knightro?

Knightro: My favorite thing to do is compete in mascot races! I traveled to Lakewood, N.J., last year to compete in one at a BlueClaws baseball game. I even tackled my mascot friend from Rutgers University, the Scarlet Knight.

FDU: Why should the Metropolitan Campus community come out to watch the Knights play this season?

Knightro: A "knight” with the Knights can be an unforgettable experience with your friends as you watch fellow classmates and peers represent the University. Plus, I always make my way over to get the crowd going. I love seeing the pictures I take with my friends!

Knightro on the court
Knightro's #1 for school spirit! (Photo by Larry Levanti)

FDU: How do you like to show your school spirit?

Knightro: I like to show my school spirit by making sure everyone gets a hug, high-five, or picture with Knightro at campus events.

FDU: What’s the best part of being a mascot?

Knightro: Making FDU fans and visitors smile and creating the best experience for them here. They know I am the rowdiest horse in the whole building and I'm their stallion to cheer on the Knights. Plus, free carrots from the cafeteria!

FDU: Why did you decide to become a mascot and not say, a Central Park carriage horse or a Kentucky Derby racehorse?

Knightro: With the students here at FDU, I could never leave! Also, those horses are too serious for me, they mustang out with the wrong people.

FDU: You've had some very different looks over the years which is your favorite style?

Knightro: I love being fuzzy, like I am now. People love hugging a fuzzy horse. However, when kids pull on my tail, they’re lucky I am not a bucking bronco!