FDU film project “Dark Tarot” now on Amazon Prime video and soon on Hulu

dark tarot 1

Above: FDU students filming "Dark Tarot," a supernatural thriller recently added to Amazon's streaming service and will soon be on Hulu's as well. (Photos courtesy of David Landau)

By Dan Landau 

(Editor's Note: No relation between the author and the Landaus mentioned in this story)


Amazon and Hulu recently added “Dark Tarot,” a feature film crewed by students in FDU’s premier film program to their respective streaming services. The film is available for streaming on Amazon now and has been accepted to Hulu's although it is not yet streaming on Hulu.

Filmed during the summer of 2012, “Dark Tarot” is a supernatural thriller involving four wealthy women who visit an empty mansion to bid on the diary of a deceased pool boy who died under mysterious circumstances after having affairs with all of them. What was supposed to merely be a trick turns into something much more, as a spirit medium hired to scare the women actually opens the door to the spirit world and the pool boy’s ghost won't let them leave until he gets his revenge. Helena, the spirit medium, was played by FDU acting alumna, Alexandra Landau, BA’14, MAT’15. (Watch the trailer)

Film professor David Landau co-wrote the film and led the all-student and alumni crew, as he co-directed the project with Jim Cocoliato, BA’10.

“I was approached by Geraldine Winter, who makes micro-budget horror films, about doing a film using college students as crew to give them the experience,” says David Landau. “She had the use of an almost-finished and empty $3.5 million mansion, so she and I wrote a script together that was set in that particular location, with a limited cast, that we felt could be filmed in two weeks.”

“My students were excited and eager to work on a feature film and all found it a great learning experience. A few recent graduates also came back to work on the film over the course of what turned into 14 days,” continues Landau.

Besides Cocoliato, other alumni on the film include Robert Huntley, BA’05, and Ryan Kelly, BA’07, who edited the film between their regular paying jobs.

Dark Tarot vidFor many of the students, this was their first experience working on feature film and they made a behind-the-scenes video about their experiences as crew members. (Watch the behind-the-scenes video.) 

Dark Tarot coverOther FDU students and alumni on the crew of “Dark Tarot:”

Peter Calciano, BA’10, assistant art director
Danica Carothers, BA’14, art direction
A.J. Chakravarti, BA’11, “A” camera operator
Jacob Cormier, BA’13, production 
Ari Davidson, BA’11, “B” camera operator / colorist
Zane Decker, BA’14, assistant editor
Nick Greenfield, BA’12 key grip
Maggie Kaszuba, BA’15, assistant director
Tracey Landau, BA’11, visual effects / title animation designer 
Joshua Rubenstein, BA’14, assistant editor
Kaitlyn Pickerelli, BA’14, unit production manager
Alexandra Price, BA’15, second assistant camera
Eric Schroeter, BA’11, electrician
Sabrina Smith, BA’13, makeup artist
Conor Stalvey, BA’12, gaffer
Jalen Thompson, BA’15, sound recordist
David Webber, BA’13, best boy / electric