FDU Smiles raise funds for Operation Smile

Students taking Managing Projects and Organizations class, taught on the Metropolitan Campus by Kent Fairfield and at the Florham Campus by Gerard Farias, chose to raise money for Operation Smile, which helps children afford cleft palate surgery, as their class project. The classes recently held a fundraiser at Roots Steakhouse in Morristown.

Op Smile 05Two of the students reflected on their experiences.

Carl Kazmirek:

"Our group, FDU Smiles, consisted of ten business students from Fairleigh Dickinson University: Alex, Bianca, Carl, Jessie, Julien, Kevin, Luis, Miles, Sean and Tyler. The structure of the group was very organic, with a four-person shared leadership that focused on promoting commitment over compliance. Rather than assign roles to the remaining 6 members, the leaders encouraged members to look for opportunities where they could capitalize on their personal strengths and create their own niche."  

Op smile 45

Miles Cutler:

“Not knowing how well our group of 10 teammates would fair at fundraising, we wanted to ensure that any work we did do would make a sizeable impact. Operation Smile ended up being our choice firstly because of the incredible, life-changing work they do, but also because one child’s surgery only costs $240. Imagine only $240 saving a child’s life. We loved the idea that such a small amount of money could have such a huge impact on a needy child’s life.

Op Smile 29

We set an ambitious goal of fixing 50 smiles (raising $12,000), and through several on and off-campus fundraising events, including bake sales, canvassing outside of stores, two fundraising meals, and an online donation link, we ended up raising enough money for about 27 smiles ($6,500)! We, as a group, feel unbelievably accomplished and proud of our efforts, as are our professors, Kent Fairfield and Gerard Farias. Kent and Gerard have been never-ending sources of wisdom and encouragement, and guided us through overcoming the challenges and taking advantage of the opportunities.

The fundraising project is still accepting donations.