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CNN's David Gergen on campus

CNN senior political analyst David Gergen visited the Florham Campus for a Q-and-A with Professor Bruce Peabody. The two talked Hillary vs. Jeb in 2016, the next generation of leaders and America as a world power.

Carnegie African Diaspora Fellowsh

Mayor's Book Club 2

Mayor's Book Club continues

The Peter Sammartino School of Education fuels a love of reading in first grade students through the sixth annual Mayor's Book Club. The initiative brings mayors into Bergen County classrooms and promotes literacy.

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It’s more than just a brand new floor for Fairleigh Dickinson University’s School of Pharmacy — it’s a whole new phase. - See more at:

Emmy Award-winning Univisión anchor Merijoel Durán studies in the Puerta al Futuro program at the Metropolian Campus while also volunteering in her community and parenting her three children.

the American Society for Cell Biology/International Federation for Cell Biology - See more at:
Homology modeling and functional analysis of the mitotic checkpoint complex in budding yeast - See more at:
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Erika Livermore 3Knights' Erika Livermore on perseverance

NEC video: An injury didn't sideline Metropolian Campus senior and Knights women's basketball center Erika Livermore indefinitely.

Ecuador sign editFlorham student blogs Ecuador service trip

Senior and marketing major Haylie Morales blogs about the 2015 Ecuador service trip and cultural exchange experience.

Pharmacy Five tips to stay healthy this cold and flu season

Wash those hands! Follow a few easy tips from our School of Pharmacy faculty and help prevent the spread of colds and the flu this winter.

the Global Scholars program at Fairleigh Dickinson University's Vancouver Campus hosted its first academic conference. Called “[Inter-] Connected (-ed),” the conference focused on student research on the interconnectedness of different issues - See more at:


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