Why Wroxton College is like...

Is studying at Wroxton College more like being in a fairytale, an episode of "Downton Abbey," or attending the "Harry Potter" school of magic, Hogwarts? You decide! 

Chris Konash

On set with a camera consultant

Florham alum Christopher Konash, BA'04, spends his days (and nights!) on set, consulting on the Panavision cameras and lenses used to produce popular movies and television shows.

Ribbon exhibition

Beauty through her camera lens

It’s more than just a brand new floor for Fairleigh Dickinson University’s School of Pharmacy — it’s a whole new phase. - See more at: http://staging2.fdu.edu/fdu-whats-new/feature-stories/2014/08/now-50000-square-feet-school-of-pharmacy-expands-to-second-floor/#sthash.Ab3Knfdo.dpuf

Vancouver student Ajung "Ribbon" Kim just held her first digital and print photography show, "The Path to the Truth," on campus. Recent travels inspired her to "show the hidden and ignored faces of our planet."


Minna ProctorAcademic Convocation 2014

FDU celebrated Academic Convocation — an annual event that formally kicks off the new academic year and recognizes the achievements of faculty and staff — on September 17, 2014 at the Florham Campus.

Barry 2WFDU-FM debuts on iHeartRadio

Listen up! Stream WFDU-FM, the voice of FDU, on iHeartRadio anytime. Find the station under "eclectic" and listen on a smartphone, tablet or computer. Stay tuned for new shows on the wfdu.fm online stream.

Avaltroni demo 2School of Pharmacy expands

It’s more than just a brand new floor for FDU’s School of Pharmacy — it’s a whole new phase. With 25,000 more square feet, new technology and classrooms, the school is ready for its next stage of academic growth.


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