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Commencement at MetLife Stadium

Following the sudden closure of the IZOD Center, the University's Commencement 2015 ceremony has been moved to MetLife Stadium. The original time and date of 10 a.m. on May 19 remain the same.

Art Deco Bacardi building
Carnegie African Diaspora Fellowsh


FDU receives $1.3M grant

Robert Prentky, a psychology professor at FDU's Metropolitan Campus, has been awarded a $1.3M federal research grant for the Campus Sexual Assault Perpetrator Treatment Pilot Project.

Cuba 1

It’s more than just a brand new floor for Fairleigh Dickinson University’s School of Pharmacy — it’s a whole new phase. - See more at:

A group of Global Scholars recently embarked on a historic trip to vibrant and creative Cuba. They toured Havana, visited author Ernest Hemingway's home, and met with students at University of Matanzas.

United Black Canadian Community Association
the American Society for Cell Biology/International Federation for Cell Biology - See more at:
Homology modeling and functional analysis of the mitotic checkpoint complex in budding yeast - See more at:
scientific poster


profscdRocking guitars and Ph.D.s: The Professors come to FDU

Made up of mostly professors, including Gary Radford, a professor of communication at the Florham Campus, academic rock band, The Professors are the subject of a recent documentary.

Lead Belly promo'Lead Belly' screens at FDU

The Smithsonian Channel screened its new documentary, "Legend of Lead Belly," about the eponymous folk and blues musician at the Metropolitan Campus.


Drucker and GergenCNN's David Gergen visits Florham Campus

CNN senior political analyst David Gergen visited the Florham Campus for a Q-and-A. He discussed Hillary vs. Jeb in 2016, the next generation of leaders and America as a world power.


the Global Scholars program at Fairleigh Dickinson University's Vancouver Campus hosted its first academic conference. Called “[Inter-] Connected (-ed),” the conference focused on student research on the interconnectedness of different issues - See more at:


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