Theodore Henderson

Adjunct Professor

School of Administrative Science

Program Affiliations:

Theodore Henderson joined the part time faculty of Fairleigh Dickinson University, Petrocelli College, School of Administrative Science in the Fall of 2014

He is an Amazon Best Selling Author, Social Media Security Professional, Leadership Coach, Career & Business Coach, and Award- Winning Speaker.

Author of the inspiring book “The Wisdom Compass” – the first installment in the "The Wisdom for Business Series", "9 Simple Strategies To Becoming A Strong Leader", "30 Ways to Protect Your Mobile Device, Smartphone, and Social Media Presence", the Wisdom4Business Blog, and has created several video, audio, and action guides that are designed to help you better identify leadership and business strategies.

A gifted speaker with wide-ranging interests and competencies, Theodore can connect with various types of audiences on a variety of topics such as assessing your skills and talents for leadership and business, becoming an effective leader and manager, and using Social Media in business.

Theodore holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration, concentrating in Finance and Information Systems as well as more than twenty years of success in technology sales and sales management. In addition he has extensive training and certifications in the areas of leadership, social media security, business planning, presentation training, and career strategies.

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