Peter Astor

Dr. Astor has a Ph.D. in applied mathematics from Stevens Institute of Technology. He has taught at Stevens, Drexel University and North Carolina State University. His fields of interest are the application of mathematics and statistics to capital projects. He is founder of and consultant to an environmental consulting company, Environmental Partners, which provided environmental, statistical and decision analysis expertise to the US Army Corps of Engineers, the Port Authority of NY & NJ, and PSE&G.

Because of this experience, Dr. Astor is also the environmental coordinator for the Campus at Florham. He can be found many days just wandering around that campus looking for possible environmental problems. If you see any, you can contact him by Email, given below.

As you can see, Dr. Astor's interests are primarily of a practical nature, having been in the business world for 25 years. But he loves mathematics, and is a stickler for good logical thinking.

Students who have taken his courses have said...
"I learned an incredible amount of mathematics this semester."
"He is tough, but fair."
"I would definitely take another course with him - if I had to take more math."
"What, is he kidding?"

He now teaches AP Calculus, Geometry and Algebra at Oratory Prep, a private school connected with the Archdiocese of Newark.

Summer Programs

During the summers, Dr. Astor teaches special courses for students who are either entering high school, college or graduate school, and would like to improve their mathematical skills. In prior years, he developed and taught courses that involved travel to Europe. (i.e., Mathematics of the Renaissance, 2004; Modern Biostatistics, 2005") All math improvement courses are scheduled to run in the early part of the summer. You can sign up by writing to Dr. Astor directly.

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Short Abstract

Dr. Astor now teaches mathematics at Oratory Prep in Summit, NJ. He maintains a connection to the university as an environmental consultant to the Florham Campus.