Patricia Bazán-Figueras

Professor of Languages, World Literature, and University Core.

email: Phone: 973-443-8716.

Interests, courses taught:
World Literature:
- The Hispanic Nobel Prize
- Gothic Fiction on Film
- Humanities Seminar

- Italian Language, Culture, Civilization and Literature

- Spanish Civilization and Culture (Study Abroad: Spain)
- Topics in Spanish Literature I
- Topics in Spanish Literature II
- Introduction to Spanish Literature

Latin America:
- Latin American Civilization and Culture (Study Abroad: Peru and Argentina)
- Latin American Classics on Film
- Latin American Women Writers
- The Spanish-Speaking World
- Introduction to Peruvian Literature

Specialized Language Courses:
- Commercial Spanish
- Translation and Interpretation
- Advanced Spanish Grammar
- Spanish Linguistics
- Spanish Syntax I
- Spanish Syntax II

University Core:
- Perspectives on the Individual
- The American Experience
- Cross-Cultural Perspectives (Study Abroad: China)
- Global Challenge
- Global Issues

Study Abroad Programs:
- Peru, 2010, Coordinator and Faculty Leader
- China
, 2008, Coordinator and Faculty Leader
- Peru, 2006, Coordinator and Faculty Leader
- Argentina, 2005, Faculty Leader
- Italy, 2005, Coordinator
- Spain, 2004, Faculty Leader

Credentials, capsule biography:

Although my academic credentials are in Spanish and Latin American literatures as well as the teaching of foreign languages, throughout the last twenty-five years of my career I have been deeply involved in the teaching of interdisciplinary areas such as cross-cultural and global studies. Having made presentations at both international and national conferences in Ireland, Latvia, and Spain, I am in a privileged position to view the world from a multi-dimensional perspective, emphasizing the local vs. the global.

Much of the scholarly work I have published has focused on language pedagogy, world literature, and popular culture and its intricate link to language.

B.A., New York University; M.A.; Ph.D, New York University.

Publications, press mentions:
Academic Presentations:

- First Annual Studies in Gothic Fiction Conference, San Diego, California. "The Gothic Nature of Horacio Quiroga's Short
  Stories." Spring 2011.
- Panel Discussion: "Death and The Maiden," Fairleigh Dickinson University, Fall 2011.

- New Jersey College English Association, Seton Hall University, New Jersey, March 27th. Read
  paper entitled: “The Feminine Mystique in the Novels of Paulo Coelho.” Spring 2010.

- University of Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky, February 17-19. Read paper entitled: “The Evolution
  of the Feminine Character in the Novels of Paulo Coelho.” Spring 2010.

- 10th International Conference on Diversity in Organisations, Communities and Nations, Belfast,
  Northern Ireland, July 19-21. Read paper entitled: “The Rise of Hispanicity in the United States:
  Historical Immigration Patterns.” Spring 2010.

- 9th International Conference on Diversity in Organisations, Communities and Nations. Riga, Latvia.
  “The Second Conquest: Spanish Culture in the United States’ Popular Culture.” Spring 2009.

- Hawaii International Conference on the Arts and Humanities. University of Honolulu and University
  Louisville. "The Culture of Spain: The New Conquest and the New Conquistadores." Spring 2008.

- 31st Annual Twentieth- Century Literature Conference, University of Louisville. "Alicia Partnoy and
  Horrific Realism." Spring 2005.

- Hawaii International Conference on the Arts and Humanities, University of Honolulu. "The Global
  Approach: Inclusion of the 5 C's in the College Classroom." Spring 2003.


“ The Rise of Hispanicity in the United States: The Second Conquista,” published in the International Journal of Diversity in  Organisations, Communities, and Nations. Spring, 2010.

“ The Feminine Mystique in the Novels of Paulo Coelho.” (Pending publication).

“ The Magus: Paulo Coelho and the New Latin American Boom.” (Pending publication).

Short Abstract