Louise I. Lynch

Staff Adjunct, Natural Sciences Department


Interests, courses taught:

Entomology, insects, integrated pest management (IPM), mosquitoes, bees, honey bees, beekeeping, insect-borne disease, public outreach and education, exhibit design
Fairleigh Dickinson University, Teaneck, NJ

General Biology 1 LAB (BIOL 1253)
Principles of Modern Biology LAB (BIOL 1011)

EF International School of English, Tarrytown, NY
Science Elective: English Under the Microscope (Beginner's Level)
Science Elective: Science and Technology
K-12 Beckoning the Bees Lesson Series, Cornwall on Hudson, NY
Colorful Bees: Bee Diversity
Become a Bee: Bee Anatomy
Making a Bee Home: Providing Nesting Habitat for Solitary Bees
My Bee Book: Diversity and Observation of Bees
The Waggle Dance: Honey Bee Communication
Lessons presented at following schools: Chester Elementary School, Chester, NY; Newburgh Free Academy, Newburgh, NY; St. Thomas of Canterbury School, Cornwall on Hudson, NY

Credentials, capsule biography:


I am currently finishing my final credits towards a distance Master's Degree in entomology from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I received a BS in Biological Sciences from Fairleigh Dickinson University in Teaneck, New Jersey.

I have a strong interest in education and public outreach. I recently curated an interactive children's exhibit, The World of Bees, about bee diversity and conservation at the Hudson Highlands Nature Museum in Cornwall on Hudson, New York. I continue to assist in the development of natural history exhibit for this not-for-profit organization. I have developed the Beckoning the Bees Lesson Plan Series consisting of various K-12 curricula available online at loulabella.com for educators to utilize for introducing the topic of bee diversity and conservation in their classrooms. I have experience teaching at the university level as a staff adjunct for Fairleigh Dickinson University.

I have previously worked as a mosquito biologist and served as Superintendent for the Essex County Division of Mosquito Control in New Jersey. There, I implemented a county-wide IPM program, carried out a monitoring and identification program and studied the overwintering biology of Uranotaenia sapphirina.
I have developed numerous entomological skills with various universities and organizations including insect identification, dissections, surveillance, biometrics, viral testing and field collection. I remain active with several local organizations that promote insect education and conservation.
MS in Entomology, University of Nebraska- Lincoln, Lincoln, NE, Graduation May 2012
Environmental Management Continuing Education Credits, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ
BS in Biological Sciences with Chemistry Concentration, Fairleigh Dickinson University, Teaneck, NJ 

Website Research Consultant, Betterbee, Inc., Greenwich, NY
Still Photographer/Production Assistant, Visually Hidden, Congers, NY
Exhibit Curator, The World of Bees, Hudson Highlands Nature Museum, Cornwall, NY
ESL- Science SPIN Instructor, EF International Language School, Tarrytown, NY
Research Assistant, American Natural History Museum, New York, NY
Superintendent/Mosquito Extermination Biologist, Essex County Division of Mosquito Control, Cedar Grove, NJ
Undergraduate Research Fellow, University College-Dublin, Dublin, Ireland

Native Bee Identification, Ecology, Research and Monitoring, United States Geological Survey ID Course
Certified Commercial Pesticide Applicator, CORE and Mosquito (8B) categories, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
New Jersey Mosquito Identification Specialist, Rutgers University, Office of Continuing Professional Education
Rutgers University Wetland Delineator Certification, Rutgers University, Office of Continuing Professional Education

Professional Memberships 
Anthophila: An online repository of bee diversity 
Ulster County Beekeepers 
Hudson Highlands Nature Museum Advocate
The Xerces Society of Invertebrate Conservation
The Sonoran Arthropod Studies Institute 
The Lepidopterists' Society 
Entomological Society of America-Eastern Branch

Publications, press mentions:

For Love or Honey, Dirt Magazine, November/December 2011
Insect Specs: A Photographic Portfolio of Insects from New York, New Jersey and Kentucky, self-published, University of Nebraska-Lincoln 2009
Acrylol Morpholine for UV Curing, RadTech Report, May/June 2007

Short Abstract