Kathryn E. McSorley

Kathryn E. McSorley has been the GIS Specialist for the Bergen County Department of Health Services Office of Environmental Protection since September 1993. In 2002, she began teaching GIS for the Fairleigh Dickinson University Public Administration Institute. She has been an adjunct faculty member in the university's School of Natural Sciences since spring 2000.

For the Department of Health Services, Kathryn works primarily on environmental and public health projects. Her projects include Public Non-Community Wellhead Protection Area delineation, locating permitted facilities in Bergen County, watershed management/openspace, tracking the West Nile Virus, bioterrorism preparedness, as well as work for the Hazardous Materials Response Team. She has also completed projects for the Bergen County Office of Emergency Management and other county departments. Currently, she is involved in the development of a department-wide GIS application using ArcIMS.

Kathryn has a bachelor's degree in Geography, with a concentration in Urban and Regional Development, from Boston University. She received her master's degree in Geography from Hunter College in New York City. Kathryn used GIS in her master's thesis to identify communities with children at high risk for poor dental health in the state of New Jersey. She also has strong interests in Medical and Population Geography.

Kathryn believes in the use of GIS and in promoting Geography awareness. She has been the coordinator of the Northern NJ GIS User Group (a special interest group of the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association) since 2000. She is a member of URISA and the Association of American Geographers and actively involved with several conference planning committees. She was recently elected President of the Mid-Atlantic Conference of URISA at the 2004 Conference held in March.

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