Jeffrey Schwartz

Associate Professor, Applied Science and Partnerships Programs

Police instructor since 1988. Active within the Police Academy. Public sector since 2002. Lecturer, consultant to major corporations in security and terrorism. Director of training for Strategic Training Concepts. Also, involved with Federal Defense Contracting. Approved trainer for the GSA, FPS, DOD and FAA.

Note: The above picture is not me, but the only choice with a police car at this time.

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Short Abstract

Master of Science in Criminal Justice Administration. BA – Magna Cum Laude in Law/Justice. United States Marine Corps – Honorable Discharge. Certified Police Instructor/Firearms Instructor. Black Belt Instructor in Tae Kwon Do Karate and Hapkido. Certified Instructor Trainer – PATH, OCAT, MEB, MDTS, PR-24. Certified CPR/First Aid Instructor Trainer – AHA, Instructor - American Red Cross, AAOS. Certificates of Eligibility for Substance Awareness Coordinator and Elementary Ed. Retired New Jersey Police Officer. Special area of expertise in Terrorism.