Jadihel Rodriguez, esq.

Senior Lecturer

Petrocelli College School of Continuing Education

Program Affiliations:

Jadihel J. Rodriguez, esq is a graduate from the University of Central Florida with a B.A. in Political Sciences and a graduate of Barry University School of Law with a specialization in constitutional law.

Jadihel came to Latino Promise and FDU in 2009 as an adjunct professor and presenter. In 2010 Jadihel was brought in full time capacity as a professor and head of admissions at Latino Promise.

Over the last 4 years Jadihel had helped develop the admissions process and leadership curriculums of Latino Promise and HACER. Most recently Jadihel has taken on the role of director of admissions for Latino Promise and HACER in hopes to continue to improve enrollment and transition into Latino Promise and HACER.

Jadihel aspires to attend Columbia University to pursue his second doctorate's degree, this time in education policy. Jadihel hopes through Columbia to publish a book on education policy reform, and to one day become Secretary of Education for the United States.

Short Abstract

“A Look into Past and Future Principles of Federalism: The Ninth and Tenth Amendment,” by Jadihel J. Rodriguez, Esq. An exploration of the transformation and future of federalism. From framer’s intent, to the New Deal, the Rehnquist revolution, to today’s Patriot Act and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. How the urgency to justify the means could place an undesirably bargain on the sale of American principles as well as the Constitution.


  • Barry University School of Law, Orlando, FL Juris Doctor, May 2009
  • University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL BA Political Science- American Politics and International Relations, December 2006

Courses Taught

  • Business Law (Latino Promise Program & HACER)
  • Management and Labor Law (Puerta Al Futuro Program)
  • Criminal Law (Puerta Al Futuro Program)
  • American Government (Puerta Al Futuro Program)
  • Global Issues (CORE)
  • American Experience (CORE)
  • Heritage of the Past I (Latino Promise)
  • Heritage of the Past II (Latino Promise Program)
  • Freshmen Latino Leadership Seminar (Latino Promise Program)