Denise Hart

In her career in higher education, Dr. Hart has taught at Middlesex County College, Edison, NJ and at FDU in the College of Dental Medicine, the Sociology department, and the School of Education, Metropolitan Campus. She is a Core Faculty for Women's Studies and has served as the Coordinator of the Women's Studies Concentration in University College: Arts-Sciences-Professional Studies at Teaneck. Hart created and administers the University's baccalaureate adult learner program, Success and serves as the Director of Adult Education.

Dr. Hart has presented invited papers at national and international meetings including the International Council for the Adult and Experiential Learning Conferences, the National Conferences on the Adult Learner, the Annual National Conferences on Non-traditional and Interdisciplinary Programs, the National Association for Women in Education, the National Competency-Based Adult Education Conference, the Association for Continuing Higher Education Annual and Tri-Regional Conferences. She has been active in her research of adult and higher education, measurement and evaluation and gender issues. Dr. Hart continues to teach, counsel both graduate and undergraduate students and articulate with various K-12 forums and higher education groups. She is widely published, consults and has made presentations to varied audiences in K-12 and adult and continuing higher education. Dr. Hart serves in numerous professional capacities including the Advisory Committee to Teaneck Women Train and Work, the Association for Continuing Higher Education, the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning's National Consulting Service and the Commission on Learning Assessment.

Hart received her Ed.D. from Rutgers University, her M.S. from Columbia University and her B.S. and A.A. (R.D.H.) from Fairleigh Dickinson University.

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