Christopher Martinez

Adjunct, Petrocelli College

College 201 692 7171 Work 973 776 5648

Interests, courses taught:
Travel, Football Officiating, Financial Investigations, Wine enthusiast

White Collar Crime

Credentials, capsule biography:
I am currently an Assistant Special Agent in Charge, with the Department of Homeland Security, Homeland Security Investigations, in the Newark, New Jersey field office. I have devoted my adult life as a federal law enforcement officer working in the criminal justice and the homeland security field. I have investigated, coordinated, and overseen criminal investigations with all levels of government, from municipal law enforcement, to state law enforcement, and our international law enforcement partners. I have a Masters in Education and am pursuing a Ph. D in Homeland Security Leadership and Policy.

I have had the opportunity to create results-driven curriculum and delivered instructions to students and law enforcement officers in domestic and foreign arenas. Some of the courses I have taught are; introduction to criminal justice, report writing, interview techniques, criminal research methods, organization and management, administration, leadership, ethical conduct, contraband smuggling, undercover investigations, money laundering, cyber-crimes, commercial fraud, intellectual property rights, and  human smuggling/trafficking. I currently hold an Adjunct Lecturer position at City University of New York, Where I teach Criminal Justice and Policing courses through classroom and online setting for a culturally and ethnically diverse student body to include adult learners.

My teaching philosophy reflects my interests in cooperative learning. As I teach students, I learn from each one of them. Through my use of life experiences, I will create a classroom atmosphere of student centered active learning.

Short Abstract