Carol Greff

School of Computer Sciences and Engineering

Teaching Assignments

Precalculus MATH1107 MF 9-10:50 AM W 9-9:50AM
Introduction to Computer Science MWF 11-11:50 AM
College Algebra MATH 1105 T TH 6-7:40 PM

Office Hours: MWF 12:00 AM - 1PM, T TH 5:50 - 6:30 PM


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Computer Society

Short Abstract

Becton Hall B300A
Phone: 201/692-2481
Fax: 201/692-2773

B.A. William Paterson University,Mathematics
M.A. Montclair State University,Pure and Applied Mathematics
M.S. Fairleigh Dickinson University, Computer Science

Previous experience:
Mathematics and Computer Science Teacher
Ramapo Indian Hills Board of Education
Database Administrator:
Allied-Signal Aerospace Computer-Aided Engineering Center
Allied-Signal Inc. Information Center