Carol Cochi

Program Coordinator, English Language Institute of the Peter Sammartino School of Education

Language is important because it brings people together. Advances in technology, i.e., the Internet, high-speed travel, are bringing people together in record time. Communication and understanding are more important today than ever before. I believe that it is important for all people to be exposed to cultures and languages different from their own. I believe that it is important to expand one's knowledge through exposure; exposure to new and different cultures whether through travel, reading, or the Internet.

I have always loved to travel. My adventures have brought me to many new places and new experiences. I love to wander through new places and soak up the local color. I love to experience life as the locals do. I encourage my students to do the same. Don't be afraid to take the "road less travelled" as Robert Frost did.

Finally, I want my students to know of my passion for writing. I write every chance I get. I keep travel journals whenever I travel, no matter how short the distance. I also love to read, newspapers, magazines, books. Reading expands your horizons, it expands your knowledge, it expands your vocabulary. So, the next time you're waiting for a bus, train, or plane, pick up something and read. Better yet, pick up a book and write. Create your own book of your life.

Have a good semester and a good year!

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