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The daughter and grand-daughter of Holocaust survivors, Lara is passionate about making a difference in the world through Learning as Leadership (LaL), a leadership training company founded by her mother, Claire Nuer. Over twenty years of experience coaching and consulting CEOs and senior leaders from organizations such as Visa, NASA, Sandia National Laboratories and Capital One have honed her awareness of how stereotyping, unchecked judgments and other ego-driven behaviors undermine work relationships, organizational performance and the larger community. Particularly attuned to how business shapes society, she is committed to bringing self-awareness to key business government and non-profit leaders from around the world.

A graduate from the Rouen School of Business in France and a Member Consultant of the Society for Organizational Learning, Lara has been a featured speaker at the Pegasus Systems Thinking Conferences and the Society for Organizational Learning and has authored numerous articles on leadership improvement.

She is currently a curriculum director, executive coach and culture change partner at Learning as Leadership.

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