Benefits of membership

Members of the Friends of Florham are united in their interest and dedication concerning the Mansion and gardens. Membership funds are directed several ways: to restoring various architectural elements, such as the custom-made replacement doors for the entrance to the mansion and the refurbished lanterns in the courtyard; researching and recognizing horticultural features, such as the Cut-Leaf Maple grove and the Florham lily; and collecting, cataloging and documenting the archives of the Twombly era.

Members receive the newsletter and announcements of the lectures, both twice a year. Guests who attend the annual Gala in May become Friends of Florham as a result of their participation.

Membership levels vary. All donations, whether large or small, are gratefully received.

How to Join the Friends of Florham

Download and print this concise form ( ) and return it by mail with your check.

Annual membership in Friends at Florham can be at any of these levels.

  • $25 — Friend
  • $50 — Special Friend
  • $100 — Contributor
  • $200 — Supporter
  • $500 — Patron
  • $1,000 — Sponsor
  • $5000 — Shareholder

Please make your check payable to the Friends of Florham and mail your check to:

Friends of Florham, The Library
Florham Campus
Fairleigh Dickinson University
285 Madison Avenue
Madison, New Jersey 07940

Board of Trustees

  • Valerie Adams
  • Christine Adrignolo
  • Carol Bere
  • Samuel M. Convissor
  • Dawn Dupak
  • Elaine Earlywine
  • Susan Garrubbo
  • Beth Hennessy
  • Jennifer Johnson
  • Danielle Lindner
  • Lisa MacNair
  • Linda Meister
  • Suzy Moran
  • Ann Petrocelli
  • Ann Wellbrock

Honorary Trustees

  • Susan Adams
  • Linda Carrington
  • Phyllis Conway
  • Walter Cummins
  • Emma Joy Dana
  • Kim Dougherty
  • Carol C. Knauff
  • Audrey Parker
  • Troy Simmons
  • Arthur T. Vanderbilt, II

University Liaisons

  • Carol Black
  • Dr. Gary Darden
  • Eleanor Friedl

  • Karin Hamilton
  • Dr. Peter Woolley