Past Events

11/17/1991John T. Cunningham The Morris Area Gentry & Their Estates on the Eve of the Golden Age
03/22/1992Mark HewittThe Architect, the Client, & the 1890s Country House in the Greater New York Area
05/03/1992Richard Guy Wilson The Vanderbilts, Their Houses, and the Survival of the Olmsted-White Estates
11/22/1992William H. AdamsThe European Influence on American Country House Garden Design
04/25/1993Mac GriswoldThe Country House Garden in the Golden Age With Reference to Florham
04/24/1994Sam White, John, Fritz, Richard Simon, and Walter SavageThe Custom of the Country House: Social and Economic Impact of the Landed Gentry at the Turn of the Century.
03/19/1995Nicholas Baldwin, Robert Fredericks, Kathleen Galop, and Marion HarrisPreserving Historic Buildings: An American and a British Perspective
05/07/1995Paul Edwards and Constance WebsterPreservation of Historic Gardens: An American and a British Perspective
06/04/1995DedicationRestored Mansion Gardens dedicated to William D. Clowney
04/28/1996Frank Emile Sanchis III (vice president of Stewardship of Historic Properties) and Maureen Ogden (NJ assemblywoman)Historic Preservation in a Disposable Society: A National and a Local Perspective
05/18/1997John Fritz, Richard Simon, and Walter SavageThe Vanderbilts & Twomblys at Home: a Look at Life in the Gilded Age
05/17/1998ReceptionDedication of Italian Garden
May 1999ReceptionRestoration of Lenfell Hall
02/27/2000Charles BeveridgeFlorham & the Design Legacy of the Olmsted Firm
04/09/2000John ForemanThe Vanderbilts & Their Architectural Aspirations
11/18/2001Leslie C. DeGeorgesThe Secrets of Historic Restoration from Scalamandre
03/17/2002Sam WhiteMcKim, Mead & White: The Reinvention of the Classical Ideal
12/29/2002Collaboration with Arts Council of Morris County"Make a Joyful Noise: Music from a Country House," by Solid Brass and Champagne reception, event to benefit the Arts-in-Education program
03/16/2003Janet FosterWhen Florham Was New: Architecture in the Gilded Age
10/24/2004Remarks by Dr. James GriffoDedication of Frederick Law Olmsted Cutleaf Maple Garden
10/24/2004Marta McDowellFrederick Law Olmsted: Estates, Parks, Campuses and Communities
10/23/2005Mark HewittGlen Alpin and the Country Houses of Morris County
10/29/2006Jeff GourleyDining in the Gilded Age: The Menu of the Twombly Table
10/29/2006David BreslauerDining in the Gilded Age: Dinner Table to Auction Block
12/10/2006Cocktail ReceptionLights of Florham
12/10/2006Lighting CeremonyNewly Restored Lanterns
10/28/2007John K. Turpin and W. Barry ThomsonNew Jersey Country Houses: The Somerset Hills
10/26/2008The TenSomething to Sing About: 50th Anniversary of College at Florham
3/29/2009Prof. Walter T. Savage & Arthur Vanderbilt IIThe Twomblys of Florham: The Beginning and End of an Era [Note: The Twomblys of Florham can be viewed as an online video.]
6/13/2009 Mansion Tour for the Beaux Arts Alliance
10/29/2009Constance Webster, ASLABeyond Versailles: The Influence of Andre LeNotre in Europe and America
05/03/2010Troy SimmonsMusic for Millionaires: The Residence Organ in the Gilded Age
10/10/2010Janet Foster and Barbara BrennanThe Story and Scandal of Hurstmont: A House of the Gilded Age. Music by Dan Williams, Guitarist.
3/6/2011Mosette BroderickArt, Architecture, Scandal and Class in America's Gilded Age
3/18/2012Justin MartinGenius of Place: The Life of Frederick Law Olmsted
4/29/2012Carol Bere, Sam Convissor, Walter CumminsFlorham: The Lives of an American Estate -- Book signing reception