More Then and Now Photos

Click on any of these "then and now" pairs of images to visit the larger original image in the FDU Digital Archives.

fof Facade FULLA change to the mansion facade is that shutters are no longer mounted for each of the many windows.

fof Italian Garden pair FULLIncrease in foliage gives the Italian Garden a sense of seclusion it did not have years ago.

fof Orangerie Direct FULL

fof Orangerie from Garden FULL

fof Orangerie Interior 1 FULL

fof Orangerie Interior 2 FULLThe Orangerie is now a quiet study space in the campus Library, and no longer has the distinctive translucent roof that once allowed citrus fruit trees to grow through the New Jersey winter.

fof Orangerie Oblique FULLThis early photo shows the Orangerie with its greenhouses behind it, and was taken before trees formed a backdrop for the building.

fof Stable FULLThe stables, now the campus Science Building, once had a driveway wide enough for two carriages to pass.

fof Stable Gate FULL