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About the Vanderbilt-Twombly Estate "Florham"

New York Times Obituary of Hamilton Twombly

List of Vanderbilt Family Homes including Florham

Suffolk County Vanderbilt Museum
    also showing a list of Vanderbilt family homes

Vanderbilt Family Genealogy Page
   with a striking photo of the Florham mansion before trees surrounded the Clowney Gardens

History of the Exxon Campus
   at one time the model farm area of the Florham estate

Mrs. Twombly at an 1883 Ball
   a photo of her in her ball gown

Biography of Ruth Vanderbilt Twombly
  with portrait in oil

Florence Adele Vanderbilt Twombly
   with a number of period photographs of the Florham estate

Maggie Land Blanck's Postcard Collection
  including shots of contemporary buildings in the Madison area and one early postcard of the estate.

The Twomblys of Florham
  video with Walter Savage, Carol Bere and Arthur Vanderbilt II, recorded March 29, 2009

Twombly's Landing on the New Jersey Palisades
  describing the Twomblys' 1909 donation of Hudson riverfront now part of Palisades Interstate Park Commission land

Florham, a Hybrid Daylily
  The head gardener at Florham, at least in 1899, was Arthur Herrington, formerly of Kew Gardens. Herrington created a hybrid daylily, registered under the name of Florham.

Alexander Hamilton Twombly
  shown in a stern-looking photo, was a Massachusetts State Senator.

Mansion Front 1956