Crime Recovery Education Initiative

The Crime Recovery Education Initiative (CREI) at Fairleigh Dickinson University will provide scholarships so survivors of crime in Morris County, New Jersey can take academic classes in a safe and supportive higher education environment.  Working with the State Office of Victim Witness Advocacy (SOVWA), the proposed program will provide coursework and an academic and extra-curricular experience to improve participants’ professional and life prospects.

The state of New Jersey has a distinctive record of recognizing and protecting the rights of victims of crime. But a noticeable gap in this support relates to the education of victims of crime. The CREI addresses this deficit as a matter of fairness (since educational resources are made available to criminal defendants and those convicted of crime), and given research that suggests education may be an important part of crime victims’ recovery.

Services Offered

Fairleigh Dickinson’s CREI will fund two program participants, each of whom will be eligible to take up to two classes per semester (fall and spring) for one academic year. The CREI is a non-residential program; it will pay for tuition, academic fees, and book expenses for participating students but not form dorms, meals, or extra-curricular financial needs.

In providing educational support to Morris County residents who are the survivors of crime, the CREI helps fill an important gap in existing community resources, and becomes the first program of its kind in the region. The state of New Jersey and Fairleigh Dickinson University provide the ideal context to support this program in a manner that is feasible, cost effective, and humane.

Key Contacts

Prof. Bruce Peabody

Prof. Meghan Sacks

Crime Recovery Education Initiative (CREI)
FDU College at Florham
285 Madison Ave
Madison, NJ 07940

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Get Involved!

If you would like to support our initiative, please contact either Profs. Sacks or Peabody.


We are proud to list the following individuals and organizations as having endorsed the CREI plan. Please contact us to add your name to this list!

Richard Codey, former Governor and Senator 27th District (New Jersey)

Ed Rochford, Morris County Sherriff

New Jersey’s State Office of Victim-Witness Advocacy

Woody Kerkeslager, former Mayor of Madison, New Jersey

Richard Pompelio, Executive Director, New Jersey Crime Victims ' Law Center

Jay Webber, Assemblyman, 26th District (New Jersey)