FDU 2016 Commencement, part 1 of 3

The Commencement Ceremony was available via video streaming during the live event on May 17, 2016. Video of the event is now available in three sections: Section 1 on this page, section 2, and section 3.

The printed program distributed at the event is available as a downloadable PDF.

This FREE service allows your family and friends, no matter where they are in the world, to access the 2016 ceremony and share it with you.

If you are not able to see the Commencement webcast at the link below, your computer is not currently equipped to access the Commencement Webcast. Please see http://itstream.fdu.edu/help.html for additional information.


The Commencement Webcast included the following features:

  • Grad Greetings, the message to family and friends graduates videotaped at Graduation Salute events in April
  • Processional, with live video from the arena floor as the graduates file in
  • Commencement speakers
  • Conferring of diplomas, as each graduate's name is called and he or she crosses the stage to receive the University President's congratulations

Contents and start times

(Provided so you can fast forward to points in the ceremony)

Video part 1 of 3 (this page)

0:00 Grad greetings continue

1:10:59 Procession of graduates

1:36:14 Procession of faculty

1:41:42 Procession of Pillars of FDU

Video part 2 of 3

0:00 Procession of Class of 1966

2:45  Pipers

3:20 Procession of platform party

7:20 Invocation and Anthem

19:07 Honoree Pierson

26:00 Honoree Strigl

36:28 Vancouver Campus Student Pinnacle Award Winner

41:30 Metropolitan Campus Student Pinnacle Award Winner

47:00 Florham Campus Student Pinnacle Award Winner

51:20 Conferring of Degrees

1:02:30 Graduates called to stage

Video part 3 of 3

0:00 Graduates called to stage (continues)