your message up in lights

Your message up in lights at the Stadium

A great way to express your thanks and your congratulations:

To Marcie the best roomie EVER thanks for a great four yrs best of luck next year with teaching!

To MPS who was always smart and now has papers to prove it! Congrats from LC and HLC.

For FDU Commencement 2016 you have the opportunity to send congratulatory text messages like these. You can compose a message of up to 98 characters. Selected messages will be displayed at MetLife Stadium while graduates come to the stage and their names are read.


OR use Twitter:

Messages with the hashtag #fdugrad sent by May 12 will also be considered for display at the Commencement Ceremony on May 17.

Please note:

Whether your message is submitted on this form or tweeted:

  • Message must be in English
  • Message must be submitted by May 12
  • Message length limited to 98 characters including spaces and punctuation
  • Message must be appropriate to the commencement event and family viewing
  • Message will be reviewed for content, repetition, or misuse and may be declined at FDU's discretion
  • Message may not be displayed during the ceremony, due to time constraints, but may be shown on the FDU website after the ceremony
  • There is no way to request or predict when your message may appear