At the Ceremony: Commencement Ceremony Guidelines

1. Before you leave home ... be sure you have

  1. All items of regalia including cap, gown, hood, tassel and any approved cords, medals, etc.
  2. Name card. If you have misplaced your name card, you will need to register at the ES/information table just inside the MetLife Gate.

2. Arrival/Parking

  1. Please arrive at MetLife Stadium no later than 8:00 AM. Be sure to allow yourself enough time for local traffic and parking.
  2. You will be directed into parking lot G by MetLife Staff. There is no charge for parking.
  3. From the parking lot, all students and guests will enter the stadium plaza through the MetLife Gate. The gate will open for students at 7:30 AM. Everyone entering the stadium plaza will pass through security metal detectors.

  4. The processional will begin at 9:00 AM. All students must bring their regalia to the Stadium.
  5. The ceremony will end by 1 PM. We advise you not to make any lunch arrangements earlier than that.
  6. There will be staff Marshals (dressed in Burgundy regalia) to assist you for this event. If you have any questions, please ask a Marshal.
  7. If you are a student of University College or Silberman College of Business, you will go to the right and follow RED student line-up signs after you enter the stadium plaza through the MetLife Gate.
  8. If you are a student of Becton College or Petrocelli College, you will go to the left and follow BLUE student line-up signs after you enter the stadium plaza through the MetLife Gate.
  9. If you are a spectator/family/friend, once you enter MetLife Gate you will follow the GREEN family and friends seating signs to the far right towards the Verizon Gate Escalator.
  10. For students/guests with limited mobility, please see Students and Guests with Limited Mobility section below.

3. Line-up area

  1. Personal belongings are not permitted in the line-up area. See section 8 below for a list of prohibited items.
  2. Once you arrive at your line up point, you will file in your respective line (University College, Petrocelli College, Silberman College, or Becton College).
  3. As is customary, Doctoral students will lead the lines, followed by Master’s students, Bachelor students, and finally Associate students.
  4. Every graduate in the line-up area must have a name card for scanning to announce their name on stage.
  5. There are restrooms available in all line-up areas. Water will also be available.
  6. For family and friends who wish to purchase flowers, gifts for graduates or other FDU merchandise, FDU Bookstore will be located outside sections 124-126.
  7. Concession stands on the first level of the stadium will be open for family and friends.

4. Processional

  1. The processional will begin at 9:00 AM.

  2. The Faculty will process first, followed by Pillars of the University, then the Platform Party culminating with the arrival of the candidates for graduation.
  3. Only University approved regalia (i.e. cap and gown, honors medals, cords or sashes) can be worn during the commencement ceremony.
  4. Once the procession begins, you will be escorted from the line-up area to the stage by a commencement marshal. These individuals are easily identified by the burgundy robes that they will be wearing.
  5. Before you reach the stage, you will have the opportunity to have your picture taken in front of the FDU banner.
  6. After your picture is taken you will walk up the ramp to the stage and hand your name card to a Marshal. Your name card will be scanned and your name will be announced with your picture displayed on the stadium jumbotron as you walk across the stage.
  7. Following that, you will exit center stage and be directed to your seat by the marshals.
  8. It will take some time for everyone’s name to be announced. We ask that you offer the same respect to the last graduate as you did the first as the names are called.
  9. Once everyone is seated, the commencement ceremony will begin.
  10. There are no restrooms on the main floor/stage.

5. Commencement Ceremony

  1. The Commencement Ceremony will occur rain or shine. In the event of severe weather, the University reserves the right to shorten the ceremony.
  2. Candidates for graduation are expected to participate in the processional and recessional.
  3. Once the ceremony begins you will not be permitted to leave the seating area until after the ceremony is completed.
  4. The ceremony will begin by official welcome and singing of the national anthem, followed by commencement addresses and confirmation of the degrees.

6. Recessional/End of Commencement

Once the ceremony is completed you are asked to remain in your seat until the platform party and faculty have exited the area during the recessional.

7. Helpful hints to help make the day special

  1. Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated.
  2. The event will take place rain or shine. If it is sunny, you might want to consider sun glasses.
  3. The MetLife Stadium staff will take over in the event of thunder and lightning.
  4. There will be carpeting on the floor to add visual appeal; please be aware of tripping hazards.
  5. The Stadium provides a lovely breeze… (translation) it is very windy on the floor of the stadium. You might want to consider bobby-pins to secure your cap.
  6. There will be a cover on the floor- I am going to strongly recommend wearing comfortable and flat shoes. Pointy heels/stilettos are not recommended. If the floor gets wet, it is incredibly slippery.
  7. You will be able to bring cell phones into the Stadium.
  8. Our University mascots (Knightro and the Devil) will be on hand for pictures!

8. Students/Guests with limited mobility

  1. Students with limited mobility who may require assistance should contact the Dean of Students office.

  2. Guests with limited mobility who may require assistance can request transportation to their seat from the MetLife Gate via a wheelchair from an ADA Assistant.

  3. Guests may request wheelchair assistance prior to any event by calling the Guest Services Hotline, 201-559-1515 or by contacting an event team member at the MetLife Gate.

  4. For additional information regarding stadium services for disabled guests, please see MetLife Stadium Guest Services.

  5. Please note that only one guest can sit directly with a person in an ADA section. The rest of the family and guests must sit in front of them and WILL NOT be permitted to stay in the ADA area.


  • Large Bags, Backpacks, Briefcases, Suitcases
  • Balloons
  • Coolers
  • Glass Bottles, Cans
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Thermoses
  • Pets (only service animals are permitted)
  • Aerosol Cans
  • Firearms, Knives (incl. pocket knives), Box Cutters or Weapons of any kind
  • Chains
  • Hanging Banners, Signs, Sticks, Poles
  • Laser Pointers
  • Noise Makers, Whistles, Air Horns, Bull Horns
  • Fireworks
  • Clothing containing vulgar language
  • Drugs, Narcotics, Illegal Substances
  • Pepper Spray, Mace
  • Any item deemed by stadium personnel to be dangerous or inappropriate

Please see the MetLife Stadium Guest Services up-to-date list of prohibited items.

Prohibited items that are discovered during inspections at MetLife Stadium entrances must either be returned to the owner's vehicle or discarded. The Stadium will not provide a storage area for these items. Unlawful items that are discovered during security inspections are subject to being confiscated. Guests arriving by mass transit must take particular caution not to bring any prohibited items, as no exceptions will be made. Thank you for your continued cooperation and please be assured that your comfort and safety are our primary goals.