Academic Programs at Wroxton College

Wroxton Library FULLWroxton College's educational methods and academic personnel are chosen to give students the best experience that Britain can offer. Courses are taught by the lecture, seminar and tutorial method employed in British universities. The College offers a large number of courses in literature, history, political science, fine arts, core, and sociology. The College's own British teaching staff is supplemented by visiting lecturers from British universities.

All spring/fall semester students who attend Wroxton College for the first time are required to participate in a special 3-credit interdisciplinary program, The Anatomy of Contemporary Britain (INTER 3430).

At Wroxton, students must select at least two courses from a list of required courses that draw upon the particular qualities of Wroxton's faculty and location and on the valuable links established between Wroxton College and major British institutions, including the Shakespeare Centre, the Shakespeare Institute (University of Birmingham), the Houses of Parliament and the Royal Shakespeare Theatre. In addition, students select a maximum of three courses from a list designed to extend this range of material in specialized areas.

Independent study may also be an option. See examples under Independent Studies below.

Program Requirements

The requirements for entry into the Wroxton semester program are as follows:

  1. Students must have a cumulative grade point ratio of 3.00 or better in 4.00 system (or equivalent), as indicated on an official college transcript.
  2. Students must be second-semester sophomores, juniors, seniors or Graduates.
  3. Students must come to Wroxton College from regionally accredited institutions in the United States. Applications must be approved by the sending college or university before admission to the Wroxton program can be granted. This approval is indicated by the signature of the dean of students or a designated official of the college or university.
  4. Three letters of recommendation from current or former professors.
  5. Graduate Studies Application with official college transcripts. In addition, if matriculating, GRE test scores.

Courses at Wroxton College

Search Coursefinder (query=wrx) for specific details of Wroxton courses appearing in the current course database.

Independent Studies

Wroxton Front HALFThe academic environment of Wroxton is well suited to cater to students who wish to pursue independent studies within the various areas of expertise of members of the Wroxton faculty. The faculty is pleased to provide supervision and direction for such research. Independent studies may be pursued if they have been approved in advance by the Wroxton College director and the students’ academic advisors. A student should submit to the Study Aboard Programs Office the specific topics for his or her suggested independent study at the earliest opportunity. A wide range of topics can be pursued through independent study, including all fields of study that are, or can be, offered at other times as regular courses. A list of recent independent studies undertaken for credit by students at Wroxton includes The English Judiciary, The Police and Penal system in England, Watercolor Painting, Poetry, Creative Writing, and French.