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Our next Information Sessions are as follows:

Wednesday, April 19th at 6:30pm 
Metropolitan Campus
Robison Hall - Susan B. Anthony Room, 3rd Floor

RSVP:  Barbara Byrnes (201) 692-2716 or bbyrnes@fdu.edu

Thursday, April 20th  at 10:00am
Florham Campus
Sarah Sullivan - Hennessy Hall (The Mansion)

RSVP:  William Presutti (973) 443-8981 or presutti@fdu.edu


January Newsletter

  • Comprehensive professional support at no cost to students with a language-based learning disability enrolled at both our Metropolitan and Florham campuses during their undergraduate career.

  • Structured plan of intensive academic support and counseling services tailored to the unique learning needs of each student.

  • Staffed by a Director, Learning Specialists with expertise in learning disabilities/content areas and a Professional Counselor.

  •  Typical freshman receives up to four support sessions a week per semester, sophomores three supports a semester, juniors and seniors one or two supports per semester

  • A three-credit Metacognitive Strategies/Assistive Technology course taught by Regional Center staff and a half-hour counseling session each week.

  • A typical Regional Center  student has an outstanding record of success and is an active participant in all areas of college life

Contact Information
Metropolitan Campus (Teaneck)
Barbara A. Byrnes, MA, Director
Florham Campus (Madison)
William N. Presutti, MS, LDT/C, Director
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