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Computational Thinking and Analytical Problem Solving

Date/Time: Grades 4-7: June 20-21, 2016; Grades 8-12: June 22-23, 2016
Location: 285 Madison Avenue, Madison, NJ 07960
Host: Fairleigh Dickinson University
Cost: Free
Contact: Dr. Kiron Sharma

Computational Thinking and Analytical Problem Solving, a CS4HS program sponsored by Google, is designed for teachers and administrators in grades 4-12. You will learn to code while developing practical apps with a Cybersecurity backdrop and user friendly design. Two action-packed days of insights and best practices will empower you to incorporate computational thinking in your teaching and to enthuse your students to explore this rapidly expanding field.

  • Receive year round support from world class faculty and opportunity to be a part of a community of practice for sharing resources and pedagogical techniques.
  • Learn about computational problem solving, basic coding skills and acquire the vocabulary to share concepts in the classroom.
  • Gain an understanding of Cybersecurity and Information Assurance and the role that computer science plays in other disciplines.
  • Prepare to convey the impact of Computer Science on people and communities in a way that engages and excites students.

Space is limited and the programs fill up fast. There will be follow up webinars and two additional meet-ups during the academic year. You will receive 20 hours of Professional Development credit from FDU as well as pedagogical support year round.

Registration for the workshops is via Eventbrite. Please see links below.

Coding & Computational Thinking Grades 4-7: June 20- 21, 2016

Analytical Problem Solving Through Coding Grades 8-12: June 22-23, 2016