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CAE Tech Talk Double Header

Date/Time: Thursday 17 Mar 2016 1:10-1:50pm ET and 2:00-2:40pm ET
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Mark your calendars and come join your friends in the CAE community for a Tech Talk. We are a warm group that shares technical knowledge. CAE Tech Talks are free and conducted live in real-time over the Internet, so no travel is required. You can attend from just about anywhere (office, home, etc.) Capitol Technology University (CTU) hosts the presentations using their online delivery platform (Adobe Connect) which employs slides, VOIP, and chat for live interaction. Just log in as “Guest” and enjoy the presentation(s).

CAE Tech Talks are also recorded: CTU will post a recording of the live presentations on its website:

Below is a description of the presentation(s) and logistics of attendance:

New Security Architecture for Internet of Things (IoT)

Time: 1:10 - 1:50 pm ET
Audience Skill Level: All levels
Presenter: Dr. Suku Nair (Southern Methodist University)


Explosive growth in deployment of Internet of Things (IoTs) is expected industry-wide. However, for wide acceptance of IoT in the marketplace, strong security should be embedded into them. Often, traditional crypto-based security schemes aren’t feasible due to limited power and computational resources available. Recently we have introduced a new security paradigm/architecture, namely security fusion, for such resource constrained massive deployments. The crux of the approach is in synthesizing strong global security properties from weak point-to-point or component security assurances. In this talk we will focus on a fusion technique based on state machine synthesis of security properties. Furthermore, we will discuss new protocols for scalable local device authentication based on PUF (Physical Unclonable Functions) technologies.

Kippo SSH Honeypot Research Application

Time: 2:00 pm – 2:40 pm ET
Audience Skill Level: All levels
Presenter: Miguel Vega (East Carolina University)


This talk will focus on the development and implementation of a custom built web application used to parse and aggregate firewall and Kippo honeypot logs. The application known as, F4, and is able to extract, categorize, store and query data as well as provide geolocation information about malicious IP addresses, generate charts, tables, figures, timelines and statistics about attacks. Based on the information generated a user is able to determine attack trends by protocol used as well as view SSH commands input attackers who were able to successfully login.


Continuing Education Opportunity: Digital Camera Forensics

Date/Time: Tuesday, March 22, 2016 - 9 AM - Noon
Location: Cybercrime Training Lab 2 of Dickinson Hall, 2nd Floor Fairleigh Dickinson University, Hackensack
Register: Registration is best with a credit card to 201-692-6500 , A certificate will be mailed to you later.
Cost: The cost is $50 for FDU student and includes a $10 registration.

With Dr. Eamon P. Doherty CCE, CPP, CISSP, SSCP

The course topics include theory or practical training in:

Locard’s Principle of Exchange, chain of custody, test plans, identifying, preserving, collecting, and analyzing digital evidence, metadata, Steganography, data carving, and using tools such as Recover My Files with a few digital cameras and we will also collect and analyze data from SD Cards, forensics is the intersection of law and science, lastly we will demonstrate a nanny cam bear and discuss where digital evidence may be found.

We will also talk about the need for isolated forensic examination computers for use with the cameras as well as write blockers to preserve camera data.


The Black T-Shirt Forensics Challenge

Date/Time: January 1, 2016 to April 1, 2016
Register:Registration for the annual challenge will be available on January 1, 2016.

The Black T-Shirt Cyber Forensics Challenge is a free, annual contest, which has been designed to address a variety of elements important in conducting today's digital forensics examinations, incident responses, and intrusion analyses. This Challenge includes elements such as:

  • File system and operating system identification
  • Recovery of operating system and application artifacts
  • Recovery of user-created artifacts
  • Conducting in-depth analysis across the system and scenario, which extends beyond artifact recovery
  • Event reconstruction
  • Report writing

Each Challenge, designed by one or more of the Challenge's partners, will require participants to perform various activities of varying degrees of difficulty ranging from novice to expert.

In addition to the annual challenge, mini challenges will be offered starting in the fall.

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