Campus Life at FDU

Do you want a campus that’s more urban in its outlook and close to a big city? Our Metropolitan Campus is a quiet, suburban campus between two pleasant small towns. But it’s just minutes from New York City — making it easy for students who want to regularly take advantage of the City’s exciting cultural and social opportunities.

Do you want a beautiful, traditional-looking campus? Our Florham Campus has acres of woodlands, gardens and expansive green lawns. In fact, Frederick Law Olmstead, who created New York City’s Central Park, designed its grounds. But don’t think you’re “in the middle of nowhere” — close to campus are the quaint and historic towns of Chatham, Madison and Morristown, which offer plenty of options for shopping, dining and relaxation.

Have you selected an academic major? Some majors are only available on one of our campuses. But if your major is offered on both campuses, here are some questions to ask when reviewing each campus: How do the course offerings differ? What kind of internship or other opportunities for hands-on experience are available? What are the backgrounds of the faculty? (Our departmental fact sheets can help. Request copies for your major from the Office of Enrollment Management at 1-800-FDU-8803 or e-mail

What kind of campus life is important to you? The Florham Campus is primarily a residential undergraduate college, so the majority of its students live on campus. Florham prides itself on offering a “classic college experience” that attracts students from throughout New Jersey and the United States. Undergraduates are the heart of everything that happens at the Florham Campus; the result is a very active academic and student life program.

The Metropolitan Campus offers a university-like environment emphasizing professional and international studies. Its interdisciplinary focus attracts both graduate and undergraduate students from throughout the world. About half its students commute to campus from home or nearby apartments. The campus’ organizations and activities reflect the diverse backgrounds and interests of its students.

What kind of sports do you like? FDU is one of the few schools in the country with both a Division I sports program (Metropolitan Campus) and Division III program (Florham Campus).

Both campuses also host a variety of intramural and club sports. Because it’s a residential campus, however, the Florham Campus tends to have more students engaged in its intramural and club sports programs. Both campuses offer recreation facilities that are perfect for keeping fit, but only the Florham Campus has a swimming pool.