FDU Employees Admissions Guidelines

FDU employees and qualified family members can take classes or complete degrees at a greatly reduced cost. Take advantage of the Employee Tuition Grant or ETG program.

Take the following steps:

  1. Contact Human Resources to confirm ETG eligibility.
  2. Employees who are utilizing the ETG for self for the first time, will need to sign and return the Authorization Form (PDF) to grant access to their Colleague (personal information) account for other departments to access. Please print, sign, and return the Authorization Form one of three ways:

    • via inter-campus mail to ETG - Human Resources H-DH3-05
    • via fax to 201-692-2717
    • via scanned attachment to email at etg@fdu.edu
  3. Submit the appropriate Application as follows. No application fee is needed:
  4. Submit transcripts per following:
    • UG and Graduate DEGREE SEEKING: Official transcripts required
    • UG and Graduate NON-DEGREE (for Credit and Audit): Unofficial transcript required
    • Visiting College and High School Students: Unofficial transcript required
  5. Additional documentation:
    • Refer to admission requirements
    • Copy of ETG Short Form
  6. Admission and Registration
    • UG and Graduate DEGREE SEEKING: Will receive notification
    • UG and Graduate NON-DEGREE (For Credit): Submit completed and signed REGISTRATION FORM along with application and unofficial transcripts
    • NON-DEGREE AUDITORS will be provided an AUDIT FORM following admission that requires the course instructor's signature, before submitting to Enrollment Services for registration.
  7. Fee Payment
    • See Enrollment Services
  8. Add/Drop: Standard University Policy applies