Special Application Forms

Adult and Part Time Undergraduate Students

Information and application forms for adult learners can be found at http://view2.fdu.edu/admissions/undergraduate-adult-admissions/

Community College Partnership

Under Fairleigh Dickinson University's Community College Partnership, students can pursue an FDU degree by taking classes at selected New Jersey community colleges. See Community College Partnership for application information.

Middle College

For undergraduate courses available to high school students at certain locations throughout New Jersey, please see information on the FDU Middle College program.

Vancouver Campus Applicants

Please see the Vancouver Campus Undergraduate Admissions information.

International Applicants for New Jersey Campus Programs

International applicants including American citizens living abroad, please go to International Student Admissions for the appropriate application.

Readmission Applicants

Matriculated students who interrupt their studies for one or more semesters, without requesting a leave of absence in writing, must request reinstatement by submitting an Application for Readmission, (No application fee is required.) Readmitted students are governed by the Undergraduate Studies Bulletin issued for the academic year of reinstatement and are subject to the current admissions and curricular requirements for the program to which they are seeking readmission.

Visiting Student Applicants

Students enrolled at other universities may take classes at Fairleigh Dickinson University with permission from their current school and by submitting the Visiting Student Application.

Phone and E-mail Contact Information:

Community College Partnership
201 692-7310

Adult and Part-time Admissions

International Admissions
(Undergraduate and Graduate)