Students requesting readmission to the University must submit the Application for Readmission to the Office of Undergraduate Adult and Part-Time Admissions. The application is available for download at the right. Note that readmission is an academic decision which will be rendered by the department/school/or college that governs the previous major. Additonal forms will need to be submitted if the intended major represents a new area of study.

If the candidate has attended another educational institution since Fairleigh Dickinson University, the student must file a standard Admissions Application. Official transcripts reflecting all college and university course work must be submitted.

Readmitted students will be governed by the Undergraduate Studies Bulletin issued for the year of readmission and will be subject to the current admission requirements.

When a student returns to FDU after an absence of seven years or more, credit will not be recognized for courses in the student's major in which the student has previously received a grade of less than C (2.00). In addition, a student returning after a seven-year absence may opt, in writing, not to receive credit for any nonmajor courses in which the student has earned a grade of less than C (2.00). In that event, such courses will not be counted in the computation of the grade point ratio.