Florham Campus Tuition and Fees

Summary of Costs – 2017-2018

Undergraduate Resident Student

Tuition                            $40,752
Room                                $8,636
Board                               $4,494

Based on full-time status for Fall and Spring Semesters. Room for residents is based on double occupancy. Board is the standard unlimited meals + $100 flex plan.

Undergraduate Commuter Student

Tuition                            $40,752

Fees* (Resident and Commuter Students)

Technology Fee                        $888
Wellness Fee                          $140
New Student Fee**                     $810
Health and Medical Coverage***      $1,555

Other Expenses (Estimated)

Books                               $1,230
Transportation – Commuter Student   $2,860
Transportation – Resident Student   $1,430
Miscellaneous Expenses              $2,856

*For a complete list of fees, refer to the Undergraduate Studies Bulletin.

**This is a one-time fee charged only in the first full time student semester of enrollment at FDU; subject to change.

***May be waived with documentation of alternative coverage.

All fees, tuition and charges for the 2017-2018 academic year are subject to change at the discretion of the University’s Board of Trustees.