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Academic Studies:

Associates Degree (AA) courses:

Learn English while earing a two-year degree. Select one.

  • Puerta al Futuro (Spanish)
  • MiraeRo (Korean)
  • Cheng Gong (Chinese)
  • I am not interested in an AA degree.

Bachelor's Degree (BA or BS) courses:

Summer courses are available for credit towards a bachelor's degree (B.A. or B.S.)

Student Status

The application process varies depending on your current status. Please indicate your current academic situation. Select one.

  • Current FDU Student
  • Visiting Student from another college/university
  • Visiting High School Juniors and Seniors (restricted access)
  • Adult Student (re-entering academic life after time off)
  • Senior Citizen (for audit, no credit)

Please check the box if you are a veteran. You may be eligible for benefits.

  • I am a veteran

Subject Area of Interest

Please indicate 1-3 areas of interest. Not all academic subjects are available for all summer students. Limited enrollment may also affect availability.

  • administrative science
  • business
  • communication
  • computer science, math
  • education
  • health and medicine
  • humanities
  • psychology
  • science and engineering
  • social sciences
  • visual and performing arts
  • individualized studies


Master's Degree (MA, MS, or MBA) courses:

The application process varies depending on your current status and the area of study.

Student Status

Please indicate your current academic situation. Select one.

  • Current FDU Student
  • Visiting Student

Subject Area of Interest

Please indicate your academic area of study. Select one.

  • administrative science
  • business
  • mba prep
  • communication
  • computer science
  • education for teachers
  • psychology



Which New Jersey campus do you prefer?

  • Florham Campus
  • Metropolitan Campus
  • Not sure
Study abroad:

Travel for students at least 18 years of age. Select all that are of interest.


  • Vancouver, Canada
  • Wroxton College, England
  • the Americas
  • Europe
  • Asia
Senior Citizens' Programs:

FDU's Florham Institute of Lifelong Learning (FILL) offers workshops for retired individuals and audit status of regular undergraduate classes.

Type of program:

  • undergraduate academic
  • audit
  • credit
  • continuing education
  • events, exhibits, discussions


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Summer Courses for 2017 will be posted mid February. Registration will begin March 15, 2017

  • Current FDU STUDENTS:  Consult with your department or Faculty Advisor and Financial Aid.
  • Visiting Students: Submit the Inquiry form for more information.

Contact Information:

Undergraduate Adult & Part-Time Admissions, 201.692.2551, achieve@fdu.edu