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Summer Studies

Thinking about taking summer courses? Make your plans now!

Find Us on Facebook Courses available (note that FDU's Summer 2014 courses are shown as examples:)

How to apply/register:

  • Current FDU Students – Register online on or after March 17
  • Visiting College Students – Submit the following application along with an Unofficial transcript and your home campus approval

Cost: Note that tuition will increase for new academic year beginning July 1, 2015


Currently Enrolled Students:

Please contact your academic adviser for assistance.

Prospective Students:

Please contact the Office of Undergraduate Adult & Part-time Programs at 201-692-2551 for assistance in choosing the right summer program for your needs.

Summer Schedules

Summer 2015 courses are offered with various start dates to allow students to take multiple courses between the spring and fall semesters. Most courses other than Petrocelli College courses will be offered beginning May 25 and ending July 3, and beginning July 6 and ending August 16. Please confirm the dates for courses of interest to you by finding them in FDU Coursefinder (undergraduate or graduate) and noting the start week and end week for the course.

Summer Courses are subject to change. All summer registrants are advised to have current FDU Email Accounts. Notifications of course changes will be sent to FDU Email Accounts for summer registrants.


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