Eva Mayr

OIGA Eva close up HALF
Major:  Bachelor’s in Finance, MBA Global Management

Country of Citizenship: Germany

Date of Graduation: Bachelor's May 2009, MBA July 2010

Activities: FDU’s Women’s Golf team, Athletic Senator for two semesters in SGA, Division I Fencing Team for one year, Student Athletic Counsel

Athletic Awards: The first freshman in conference history to be named both the NEC Women’s Golfer of the Year and NEC Rookie of the Year... A two-time NEC Golfer of the Week...Placed third at NEC Championships with a three-round score of 244...

To read more about FDU's Division I Women's golf, please click here

Why did you decide to study in the USA?

The US offered me a great opportunity to play golf and study at the same time. At home in Germany, I did not have that opportunity. I had to choose between one or the other.

Why did you choose FDU?

I was attracted to FDU because it is very international and it had a brand new women’s golf team and I felt that I could have the opportunity to build something here. I also like how it is so close to New York City, especially being from the German countryside.

What made you choose FDU over the other schools you applied to?

I didn’t apply to other schools because I liked the golf coach a lot and I thought FDU would be a perfect fit for me.

OIGA Eva Mayr golf 1 HALFWhat do you like best about FDU?

The golf team since it is so successful. I also like that they classes are small and the professors are very approachable.

What do you miss most about home?

The food. I miss my mom’s home cooking and the bread you can find in Germany. They have amazing pretzels and you can always get different types of bread from the bakery. You never get bored.

What was your biggest surprise about US Education?

I found that there are very small differences. For instance, when doing a presentation in Germany, they point out your flaws first. Here in the US, they do the opposite and give you so much positive feedback from teachers. I find this can be good and bad though. Also, class participation is much bigger in Germany. Here some people can get away with not saying anything the whole semester during class. And back home it is more lecture, while here it is more small group oriented.

How have you handled language differences?

I find that it is the phrases that are the most difficult. But, I just ask a lot of questions if I don’t understand someone immediately.

How have you handled finances?

I am on full athletic and academic scholarships, but I still find things expensive here. So I have gone home and worked during the summer and my parents have definitely helped me out.

How easy or difficult is it to make friends here?

In my first year, it was very easy to make friends with international students over US students. I noticed that American students and international students were looking for two different things- Americans are wanting to have fun and us international students are more focused on education. However, I now understand that having fun while getting your education is definitely a good thing.

What are your career goals?

My ultimate goal is to run a rehab clinic for paralyzed teens here in the US, as more people in the world speak English rather than German. But, I think after my MBA I will most likely go home to Germany.

What do you do for fun?OIGA Eva Mayr golf 2 HALF

I have no time for fun- just kidding! I honestly love to play golf for fun.

Do you go into New York City often?

Not as much as I would like to, probably around once a month. You discover something new everytime you go. I tend to go to concerts, museums and just walk around when I do go.

What is your favorite spot on campus?

The University Courts Courtyard. It’s pretty, has lots of trees, a sitting area- its just a perfect location.

What has been your favorite class?

I have two. The first is Personal Finance, because of the professor. I learned a lot from them, and even though they were a tough grader, they were a great teacher. The second is CORE. It introduces different perspectives and I got to learn a lot of things I wouldn’t learn in my major courses. I got to learn more about the American experience.

What is your favorite book?

Peaceful Warrior, since it has a lot good quotes. For example, “There’s never nothing going on.”

What is your advice to other students considering FDU?

Be open-minded and having a car or a friend with a car definitely helps!