Minal Chauhan


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Program of Study: MBA in Market Research











Country of Citizenship: India

Date of Graduation: December, 2011

Activities: President of The Bombay Beat, Marketing Mix Club, Orientation Leader

Why did you decide to study in the U.S.A.?

U.S.A is one of the most powerful countries in the world. I thought this was the best oportunity  to learn, change, adjust and adapt to different situations. Also, the technology in U.S.A. is much more advanced than most countries. Moreover, this country has produced a lot of great entrepreneurs and many renowned companies have their headquarters based here. I love to experience different cultures- what could be a better place than U.SA. to increase one’s cultural awareness! 

Why did you choose FDU?

One of the reasons why I chose FDU is because The Silberman College of Business is accredited byAACSB International - the world's preeminent accreditation authority for collegiate schools of business and this certification has only been earned by less than 35 percent of the business schools in U.S.A. Also, I like how FDU focuses on the changing needs of a global business environment. It has a great array of courses to choose from and the faculty is always helpful. Personally I also like the location of FDU-College at Florham..it’s amidst the beautiful woods in a quiet, royal and pleasant atmosphere.

What do you like best about FDU?       

I like the Recreation Center at FDU.. It has a nicely equipped fitness room and a swimming pool. Since I like working out and swimming in my free time, it’s the best place for me! Can I add the second best thing I like? The Dreyfuss Theatre that hosts lovely performances for the FDU communtiy!

What do you miss most about home?

I miss all the Indian festivals, my family and the spicy home-cooked food!

What was your biggest surprise about U.S. life and education?

In the U.S.A, people are very independent and friendly and I have been graciously welcomed by the people here. Everyone holds the door open for you. Even the strangers greet you ‘Good Morning’ and ‘Good Evening’ which is not quite common in India. Although in NYC you can have a few unfriendly encounters as it’s a very busy city, but people always smile. Also, back in India I wasn’t used to doing all my work myself. Here however, I do my own laundry, cook my own food, clean the house, and even fill air in my car’s tires! I must say I have learned a lot. Education in U.S.A. is very flexible when compared to India and the classes held here are small and interactive. The preferred choice of studying in my country is focusing on memorizing facts which can be negative but there is a lot of emphasis given on math which is quiet a positive factor in education.

 ...your biggest disappointment?

Education in U.S.A. is very expensive.

 How have you handled:

...Language differences?

I didnt really have a problem with that because I come from a country that speaks 22 different languages and I knew how to work my way around that.


I got a scholarship from FDU, I work on-campus and my family helps me out whenever there is need.

...Adjusting to a different educational system?

I observed and learned and also got help from the faculty and the academic tutors.

OIGA Minal Snow HALFWhat are your activities at FDU?

 I am the President of the Indian club on-campus (The Bombay Beat) where we try fostering a community where students, faculty and staff can come together to celebrate the Indian culture. I am a member of the Marketing Mix Club. I was also the ‘Orientation Leader’ for the International Students’ Orientation held in the Fall of 2011. I love swimming and I’m considering getting on the Swim Team.

What has been your favorite class? 

My favorite class was my first marketing class - Marketing Concepts. This course cleared all my basics and had topics like: segmentation and positioning, new product development and launch, brand equity, sustainability, product policy, pricing policy, distribution choices and supply chain management, promotional strategy and customer relationship management. We all did an assignment on ‘Craft Beer’ which was very interesting for each student, we also had to go to the wine shops and do an actual store audit. I also enjoyed my Entrepreneurship classes.

How easy or difficult is making friends?

It was difficult in the beginning it was a new country, new school, but when I started with my classes, I made friends during working on the group projects. I also made friends from different cultures while working on-campus.

What are your career goals? 

I’m not sure about that yet. After my graduation I plan on working for a year in my field of study (Marketing)

What do you do for fun?

I love to shop, try different cuisines, watch my favorite shows when I’m free, hang out with friends in the city and explore different activities. There’s so much to do here!

What are some of your hobbies?

Watching movies and shows, plays, shopping, swimming, singing, working out, meeting friends, traveling and exploring new places.

Do you go into New York City often? 

I enjoy going to the city because there is always something to do - museums, central park, food, clubs and just walking on the streets can give me a boost!

What is your favorite spot on campus? 

The Mansion Lobby - It has a royal aura to it. Every time I go to the mansion I feel like I’ve entered a palace.

Favorite book?

I have many but one of them is The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, it’s a fable about following your dream

What is your advice to other students who are considering FDU?    

Advice to other students is - get ready to study and make time for all great activities held on campus! Just work on time-management and balance it all. Procrastination is a no-no.