Graduate International Admissions

For International Students and American Citizens Residing Abroad

Deadlines for Application

  • Fall (August) semester: July 1
  • Spring (January) semester: December 1
  • Summer semester(subject to course availability): May 1

Deadline Exceptions

  • MFA in Creative Writing: April 1 for fall semester, Sept. 15 for spring semester

** Please refer to the Psychology Department's homepage for more information about applying to the following programs

  • Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology: December 15
  • PsyD in School Psychology: March 1
  • Pharm.D. in Pharmacy: May 1
  • MA in Psychology/School Psychology: March 15
  • MA in Psychology/Forensic Psychology: May 15

Graduate students who wish to transfer into one of our programs from another US Master's degree program or graduate students residing in the US after the conclusion of a bachelor's degree program at a US school should apply by the following dates:

  • Fall (August) semester: August 1
  • Spring (January) semester: January 1
  • Summer semester (subject to course availability): May 1

Please note, applicants may apply for admission during their last semester at their current university; however, a final transcript must be received by the Office of International Admissions before a student enrolls at Fairleigh Dickinson.

* Admission Requirements

For a printable pdf version of our admission document requirements, please click here

For application instructions, please click here

  1. A completed FDU Application Form (paper) or Online Application
  2. Completed FDU Scholarship Application Form (if applicable)
  3. Copy of information page in your valid passport

    *Applicants who only have one name appearing on their passport may need to update their passport. Please visit our passport information page for more information.
  4. Attested of official transcripts, academic records, diplomas, national examination results, certificates or degrees received from all secondary, post-secondary, university and/or professional schools. Students from India: Please note that we do not accept consolidated marksheets. Individual marksheets showing all attempts, failures and retakes are required.
  5. TOEFL, IELTS, or Pearsons PTE-A results sent directly from the testing agency to Fairleigh Dickinson University. Include a photocopy of the results (if available) with your application. Students applying for conditional admission through ELS Language Centers should submit a complete ELS application, along with the FDU application, directly to ELS. Please review our policy on English Proficiency.
  6. GMAT or GRE or NCLEX scores sent directly from the testing agency to Fairleigh Dickinson University. Include a photocopy of the results (if available) with your application

Programs that require GMAT or GRE:
All MBA programs
MS in Accounting
MS in Supply Chain Management
MS in Taxation

Programs which do NOT require GMAT or GRE:
MS in Hospitality Management
Master of Public Administration (MPA)
Master of Administrative Science (MAS) **
MA in Student Services Administration **
MA in Teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language (TESL/TEFL)
MFA in Creative Writing **
MSA in Sports Administration
MS in Homeland Security **
MS in Service Innovation and Leadership **

** Programs are not full time and are NOT available to F-1 or J-1 students

Programs which require NCLEX Results:
MS and DNP in Nursing
(Note:  A valid New Jersey nursing license also required)

Programs which require GRE (only):
All other programs not noted above


For a list of FDU's testing codes, click here

7. Two (2) letters of recommendation

8. Completed affidavit of financial support (student visa applicants only)

9. Official bank statement in the name of the sponsor indicated on the affidavit of financial support. Statement must be dated within the last six (6) months and must indicate the exact account balance (student visa applicants only.) Solvency certificates are not acceptable.


A scholarship or government sponsorship award letter in your name. Enclose a signed letter or affidavit of support giving details regarding the promise of support and state the specific amount of money in U.S. dollars.

IMPORTANT:  All documents submitted to the University become part of the permanent record and cannot be returned.

FDU now also accepts bank statements through the new service, If your bank (or sponsor's bank) is one of more than 2,800 financial institutions within FundsV’s secure network, you may point the online account information to us to satisfy our funds verification requirement. Your FundsV profile is accessible only to FDU, and does not satisfy the funds verification requirements of any other entity.

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Graduate Special Form Applicants

A few of our graduate programs require that their own application and procedures be completed*. These include:

*International Student applicants for these programs will still be required to meet international admissions requirements as outlined above in addition to any department specific requirements.

Graduate Majors

Fairleigh Dickinson University offers a variety of majors to its graduate students, ranging from business to electrical engineering. Please check our graduate major chart for a list of all majors that are available to international graduate students.

  • Graduate Majors Chart
  • Graduate Course Bulletin - a .pdf version of the university's bulletin that offers descriptions of all graduate majors and course requirements.
  • Graduate Academic Degrees - a complete list of all graduate majors offered at the university, with links to each degree's detailed website.
  • MBA Program- detailed information about our MBA program as well as the MS programs in accounting and taxation.

* Master's in Nursing

The Master's in Nursing (MSN) in Education is available to international students in the spring or fall semesters.

Students must meet the following admission requirements for the MSN program:

  • Completed a four year BSN
  • If the BSN was done outside of the United States, a WES evaluation must be submitted (
  • Must have a valid New Jersey Nursing License
  • A minimum of one year of clinical experience is required for all practitioner programs

Bridge Programs

Fairleigh Dickinson University offers graduates of three-year foreign programs the opportunity to enroll in our master's degrees by way of a "bridge program." This program is available only for our MBA, MS in Computer Science and MS in Management Information Systems.

For important information on our various Bridge programs, please click here

Graduate Course Waivers/Transfer Credits

For our policy on graduate course waivers and transfer credits, please click here

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