When should I apply?

Applications are accepted up to 1 year prior to the intended first semester; however, financial documents (affidavit of support, bank statement) required of all F-1 and J-1 students must be dated within 6 months of the intended first semester.  We encourage early applications: it increases your chance of admission to our more competitive programs as well as on-campus housing, if desired.

When should I begin my studies?

Most students begin in the Fall semester (which starts in late August) but most programs allow for students to start in the Spring (January). Transfer and Graduate students may request admission for the Summer if the schedule allows.

When are the application deadlines?

Undergraduate and Graduate applicants:

  • Fall (August): July 1
  • Spring (January): December 1
  • Summer (May/June) semester: May 1
    For exceptions, please check the the Undergraduate and Graduate pages.

Transfer students who are already in the U.S.:

  • Fall (August): August 1
  • Spring (January): January 1
  • Summer (May/June): May 1

When will I receive an admissions decision?

An admissions decision is typically made within 3 weeks AFTER we receive a COMPLETE application. This includes submitting a complete FDU application form and all required documents to our office.

How are admission decisions made?

Admission decisions are based on an applicant’s academic credentials and English Proficiency Requirements.  For an applicant who requires an F-1 or J-1 visa, the ability to finance his/her studies is also considered.

Do I have to take a test of English (TOEFL, IELTS)? Can I be waived out?

Please read our English Proficiency Requirements.

Does FDU offer Conditional Admission?

Yes. Academically qualified applicants who do not meet our English Proficiency Requirements may be conditionally admitted to FDU by enrolling at through the ELS Center located on the Metropolitan Campus.  Learn more about Conditional Admission & ELS.

I am currently finishing my final year of secondary school/university.  Do I have to wait to finish my degree before I can apply?

No. If your degree is currently in progress, we typically just require your first 6 semesters to make an admissions decision.

If you are admitted, your admission will be contingent upon receiving your final year grades.  You will not be permitted to register for your first semester until your final grades and official transcript are received.

Is the SAT or ACT required?

No; however it is HIGHLY recommended for all incoming freshman because it will enhance your chance of admission and receiving a higher scholarship.

Is the GRE required for Graduate admission?

Typically, yes. For programs that require a GRE score, applicants cannot be waived out. MBA programs will take either the GRE or GMAT. Certain majors do not require either score. Visit our Graduate page for more information.

Does FDU require original documents? I only have 1 copy of my transcript/diploma, do I have to send it in?

We do require original documents; however, transcripts can be attested copies for admission review. You must provide your original transcripts, marksheets, diplomas, and/or all other academic credentials before or when you arrive on campus. (We will only look at the official documents, we will not take them.)

We require original, official letters of recommendation, affidavits of support, bank statements, and any necessary English translations.

Test scores must be sent directly from the testing center(s) to our office. Scanned originals or photocopies are OK for initial admission review, but we require the originals before you are allowed to register. FDU's testing codes are posted online.

All documents mailed to FDU become the property of FDU and cannot be returned.

I have a three-year bachelor’s degree.  Can I apply for admission to a Graduate/Master's program?

A minimum of 4 years of undergraduate study (or its equivalent) is required for admission to any FDU Graduate program. 

Students with less than 4 years of undergraduate study must complete a post-graduate diploma or one year of a Master's in their home country to qualify for direct admission.

Students who are interested in the MBA, MS in Computer Science, or MS in Management Information Systems can apply for our 3-year Bridge Program.

What scholarships do you offer? How do I apply?

Read about FDU's scholarships.

To apply, students must submit an FDU Scholarship Application (available on Important Documents) along with their completed application.

The deadline is the same as the application deadline (with the exception of the Presidential Scholarship).

What happens after I'm admitted?

You will need to submit a Matriculation Form (available on Important Documents) and $200 tuition deposit by the reply date specified in your letter of admission.  (If for some reason you are denied a student visa for FDU, your $200 will be refunded.) This $200 deposit goes towards your first semester tuition and is not an added charge.

Students who would like to live on campus must submit an additional $350 housing deposit and a room reservation form.

More information can be found on Admitted Students.

Can I receive credit for AP, IB, or GCE A-Level results?

Potentially. Visit our Undergraduates and read about "Advance Standing."

Is housing on-campus guaranteed?

Housing is assigned on a first-come, first-served basis to admitted students. A $550 deposit (for $200 tuition + $350 housing), Matriculation Form (available on Important Documents), and housing application (for Metro or Florham) must be submitted by the date indicated on your admission letter.

How do I get an F-1 visa? What is an I-20?

Once you are admitted and you have sent us the necessary financial documents, the Office of International Admissions will issue you an I-20 and send it to you along with your admission packet. The I-20 allows you to apply for an F-1 student visa in order to come study in the U.S. You must then contact an American Embassy or Consulate and schedule a visa appointment.

Learn more about about Obtaining a Student Visa.

I entered the United States on a tourist/B visa.  Do I have to return home to apply for a student visa? Can't I change my status while I'm in the U.S.?

It is nearly impossible to change from a tourist to student visa while you're in the U.S. It would be best for you to return home and apply for a student visa there.