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US Residents and US Citizens living outside of the US -- Freshman and Transfer

International Applicants

Two-Year Associate Degree for Commuters (Metropolitan Campus Only)

Rolling Admissions

Undergraduate applicants are notified of their admissions decision by mail beginning late October for Spring applicants and late November for Fall applicants.

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US Residents

International Applicants

Special Application Forms

For the following undergraduate programs, please see the Special Form page for application instructions

  • Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF Program) - New Jersey Residents
  • Vancouver Campus
  • Adult and Part-time Studies
  • Community College Partnership
  • Visiting Students

For the following graduate programs, please see the Graduate Special Form page for application instructions

  • Executive MBA
  • Master of Administrative Science (MAS) Degree
  • MA in Student Services Administration
  • M.S. in Homeland Security (MSHS)
  • Master of Sports Administration (MSA)
  • M.S. Taxation (MST)
  • Ph.D. & Psy.D. Programs in Psychology
  • Pharm.D. in Pharmacy
  • Vancouver Campus